Harbeth P3ESR Anniversary edition. Worth the Upgrade?

This comparison from my favorite video reviewer. 
I doubt it! Here is another review from another Harbeth fan. BTW, the P3ESR is my favorite LS3/5A type of speaker. I have owned many !
If you read in to that review, or what I took from it was.... The Anniv edition was only marginally better. At one point, he could barely distinguish a difference. On the other hand, after putting them on the TON TRAGER stands, he wanted to put the Sound Anchor stands to the curb. I know what I'm thinking for my P3's, and its about those wood Trager stands. 
Definitely reaching the laws of diminishing marginal returns. A $600 upgrade for a ~5% improvement. No doubt these will be collectible though and hold their value.

Does anyone know what the crossover point is? I’m guessing it’s pretty high with that .75 tweeter. 

Also, why is the tweeter and driver spaced so far apart? I’m sure there is good reason, its just an uncommon design decision. 

I have not compared the two models but I do have the P3esr 40th anniversary pair. I use them in a second system. They sound much bigger than they are. When I first got them I put them on a 24" pair of two column metal stands that I already had. Sounded great. Later I bought a pair of the Tontrager stands. They are very well constructed and finished. The sound opened up became more musical. I know that may seem nebulous and subjective but that is the best way I can describe it.
I rarely hear of folks using these with subs. The sealed box would be easier to blend vs a ported design. 
What do you mean tweeter and driver spaced so far apart? What do you mean uncommon design decision? I use mine with a sub with great results!
Hi Yogi, distance between drivers is what I mean. Most 2 way designs have the woofer and tweeter closer to each other in physical proximity, presumably to create something closer to point source sound for coherence and imaging. 

Where are you crossing them over with the sub(s). Thanks! 
I high pass the sub at 80 hz to the Harbeths. I have tried running the Harbeths full range without using the high pass but they sound much better when I use a high pass filter!
I set my P3esr 40th up in my main system (temporarily set aside SHL 5+ 40th). I dialed in my REL Strata III at around 80 hz as did Yogiboy. Sounded great. The P3 was easier to integrate with the sub than the SHL 5+.
Wow- very nice valinar...Why do I feel this thread is going to cost me money (-: My second system consists of the following. Room is just over 11 feet square, but I have an 8 ft opening in back of my listening position.
WT Amadeus/Charisma wood body Denon 103/A23 SUT borrow from main system. Sony PS 1 w/Furutech PC./ Harbeth P3 Eesr/Sound Anchor Stands (not yet out on my curb) cables: Duhlend 16Awg and A23.