NAD M10 V2 for Harbeth P3ESR?

I’ve recently picked up the Harbeth P3ESR XD following Zu Audio Omens (which I still have). Very happy so far, and now understand and appreciate the sonic differences from the Zu.

I have two amps I’ve been using - Naim 5Si and Rogue Audio Sphinx V3. I prefer the Naim so far - I find it brings better mid-range clarity out of the Harbeths.

However, I’m curious about selling both amps and replacing with an NAD M10 V2 because 1) sub integration, 2) DIRAC, 3) option for adding power amp as future upgrade path.

My room is oddly shaped and small (13’x10’x7’ with closet that doesn’t make this a true rectangle). I feel like I’ve never achieved great imaging nor bass control with my REL T7/x with either amp in this room. This is driving interest in DIRAC and sub integration. Room treatment may be the answer but curious for other input.

Two wonderings:

1) Am I approaching the pursuit for better imaging and bass control in the right way?

2) Would the NAD M10 V2 pair well with the P3ESRs?


Yes, but you could consider adding one of the First Watt amps like the F5 and using the M10 as a control center. The P3ESR’s deserve a better amp! BTW I have an F5!

@jasonbourne71 - I think that’s a great idea. First Watt amplifiers have always intrigued me but their low power gives me pause with the P3s. What speakers do you drive with your F5?

P3esrs really shine when fed with more power and current. FW amps, as fabulous as they are, won’t do justice to these amazing little speakers. Incidentally, I tried the NAD M10 with the same speakers and didn’t care for the pairing. Just not musical enough. Later, I tried the Cronus Magnum II and really loved the combo.

For bass integration, can you try an external crossover?

@arafiq - thanks for the comment. Do you like the idea of using the M10 as the preamp with a separate power amp? I thought room correction and bass integration through Dirac might be best. I’ll admit Im not familiar with external crossovers or how that would work. 

I also see that you have a Raven, Bluesound, and Audio Mirror DAC with your 30.1s. Do you have your Tzero sub connected to the Bluesound for low / high pass filters?

Excellent speakers!  What’s your budget?  I’d give a good look at a Belles Aria or Van Alstine and add a couple small subs with integration software like the SVS SB1000 Pro subs.  That’s what I’d do, but If you’re really concerned with room correction this Lyngdorf integrated is definitely worth a look…

Hope this helps, and best of luck.  

My budget is $2,500, and I prefer used. I had a two thoughts since the posts above:

1) Consider a miniDSP for room correction and sub integration. There are reasonably priced miniDSP products, and a few that are Roon Ready (I’m a Room user). And I need not tie my wish for room correction to a narrow band of streaming DAC / amps.

2) Start with the amp.

@soix - thanks for your response. Does that sound right? I’ll take a look at Belle Aria and Van Alstine. What’s your take on Naim or Luxman?