Harmonic Tech Pro Silway Mk II comments?

Anyone currently using these?? Are they a silver/copper hybrid similar to the Kimber Select 1020 cable?? Anyone compared the two. Thanks
I have these I.C.'s between my preamp and amp.Yes,they are a silver/copper hybrid.I cant say I have really put them up against anything other than the P.B.J.'s they replaced but they sure kicked the P.B.J.'s butt which they should.I considered the improvement I got with the H.T.huge! Very clear but relaxed presentation.Very smooth and detailed.They dont sound too thrilling for a few hours.At about 30 hours they really opened up but I think they continued to improve up to around 400 hours.
I replaced Kimber Select 1020s with Pro-Silway IIs, and I found the silways to be significantly more open in the upper frequencies. Not in a "bright" or "etchy" way, just more natural. The Kimbers also seemed to kill the music. I just wasn't interested in listening with them in the system.
If you are interested in buying a pair to try, I'll sell you mine. They were far too bright and didn't sound at all musical in my system.