harmonic technoliges interconnects/cable

Who knows about this co.'s interconnects/spkr cables por silway mk II ?
I have worked my way through TARA Audioquest Kimber and now I use all harmonic tech. I think that the Pro Silway Mk 2 absolutely blows away Audioquest and everything else I have tried and it's a great price to boot. The pros require 50+ hours of break in before they sound good so be aware of that if you get them. I also found the Pro 9 speaker cable to outperform all others that I have tried including some very expesive stuff. Even though I rave about this product I firmly believe that every system is diffrent and what sounds the best on one system may not on another. The magic about the HT cables is how the sound so liquid, yet they highlight details at the same time, with a huge soundstage. Hope this helps a little
Search for my many other detailed comments about these elsewhere in this discussion.
I have extensive experience w/pro silway mmkII and found it to be a very good value. It exhibited a nice soundstage, smooth midrange and highs, and decent low frequency response. It can sound a little lackluster or muted in some applications, so be certain it is right for your application before buying. Beware of break-in period. It's about 350 hrs. and if you don't believe me call Jim Wang at Harmonic Tech. If you are willing to spend more money this is certainly not the best interconnect you can buy, but it is a good value. Good luck.
I've auditioned the Pro Silway MKII's recently(also the Truth link), and my system match (Thiel/Classe/AQ speaker cable) yeilded a very clear open pressentation, that was overall smooth and extremely detailed, albeit with excess treble energy (break in period...Not sure of time) and a rather light weight and lean, albeit tight bass ballance! However, I've heared this cable, extensively with both Martin Logan's and Wilson Watt's with both Aragon and Audio Research setup's that sounded absolutely gorgeous!...And not zippy at all!?! Your best bet would be to probably try some that's already broken in, and use it in your system for a spell!...Best to you!
Also, the Truth link(although not as hyper detailed) had a fuller bass pressentation and smoother overall ballance in my system. The Speaker cable from Harmonic is also what I'm probably going to upgrade to...As it's the best stuff I've heared to date! Keri