Harvey Mandel Question

Was the Harvey Mandel LP Get Off In Chicago ever released on CD? I would really like to get a CD copy of that music. Thanks, Cheers
I looked for years and finally went directly to his management company. Got a fairly good CD-R from them that was copied from a LP. Send them an e-mail, maybe with enough of us asking it will get released.
Nope, Quite a few snake heads think that's his best. Never heard it on a quadrophonic set up, my copy is on Ovation, but the 8 track was on RCA. It probably didn't hurt to have G.E. Stinson (not G.E. Smith from SNL) on that recording, Stinson a #$$!!!&***!!! amazing guitar player. If you have a good vinyl copy, it probably wouldn't be too hard to have a pretty deluxe cdr put together.
Did you know this fellow "auditioned" for the Stones around the time "Black and Blue" was released? May even have made the final cut if not for a guy named "Woody".
I dug my old cassette copy out, cleaned it up with some processing and burned myself a CD. I forgot how good that album was. Don't ask for a copy, though, I'm a musician and recording engineer so I don't bootleg. Harvey, if you're listening... re-release this album, people will buy it. Folks are hungry for a real human being playing a real instrument.
I just tried the website: http://www.harveymandel.com/ and it shows "under construction" not sure what it means, but it clearly means that you can't get a CDR from them right now.

FYI the new Steve Kimock release "Eudemonic" has several songs that clearly show the HM influence.