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Headphone question
I'm with mapman on this as well.  Grados are listening headphones not recording or studio type headphones.  I've owned Grados, Audio Technicas, Sennheisers and a few customized sets of headphones.  IMO you would be best served by Sennheiser, but g... 
Anyone used a HDMI to stereo rca adapter
I double checked and I believe tls49 is correct.  The TV is a Sony KDL-50W800C and the manual talks about HDMI to receiver using ARC, but it is an HDMI in, not out.  There is a digital audio out (optical) so I can use the FiiO that dbtom2 recommen... 
Anyone used a HDMI to stereo rca adapter
It does have HDMI outputs, I will have to check for optical outsI found some HDMI to RCA converters similar to what you posted but not sure if they work the same or not 
Any ideas on why I am experiencing interruptions with playback on my Oppo BDP-105
I did, along with asking in several forums.  Oppo came through very quickly, provided some troubleshooting tips along with solutions based on what I found during troubleshooting.  Turned out to be interference from the TV connection (HDMI).  Moved... 
Oppo BDP-105 versus Cambridge Azur 752BD
audio_dthanks for the link.  Even though it was part of a 752 review it appeared to be straight forward honest commentary and comparison of the two 
New Year, New Music
Tedeschi Trucks Band - Let me get byBonnie Raitt - Dig in DeepLucinda Williams - Ghosts of Highway 20 
Oppo BDP-105 versus Cambridge Azur 752BD
My research (paper only) indicated that the ESS Saber chips were better, but I did not have a chance to do side by side listening comparisons. If anyone else has heard the two units I’d love to hear your opinion and a mini review would be wonderful 
Best Rock Album of 2015
I'm really liking Circles Around the Sun: Interludes for the deadAll instrumental, excellent SQ.http//www.amazon.com/Interludes-Dead-Circles-Around-Casal/dp/B015961T9U/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1451679085&sr=1-1&keywords=circl... 
New Jazz Releases
John Zorn - Pellucidar - this is another "dreamers" release of his and IMO is a really good CD - excellent musicianship, SQ and overall very musical 
new gilmour album
I have it as well as his other solo releases, IMO it's good, but not as good as On an Island. This one seems to be more song oriented (geared for I like this song and will download, but not the whole release) 
Warren Haynes feat Railroad Earth - Ashes and Dust
I like it, but then again I like both Warren Haynes and Railroad Earth. It's clearly not in the Gov't Mule vein, but then again none of Warren's work away from them has been. His last solo work Man in Motion was more of a Steve Cropper like release. 
Folk/Rock choices that are well recorded
I nominate Joni Mitchell's Blue I think the recording and SQ of this release is excellent 
Best Rock Album of 2015
Warren Haynes - Ashes and DustWarren playing and singing with Railroad Earth backing him up. Great SQ and good production. 
Tracy Nelson?
Country is very good and I would also recommend "victim of the Blues"Tracy is currently a member of the Blues Broads and they have a release out. I've seen them live and they put on a great show 
Recommendations for Media Server or DAP device
I looked into the Oppo BDP-105 and was very impressed with the specs, but... I have a windows phone and the control app doesn't work on windows or blackberry phones, nor does the company have any plans to do so.