Has anybody heard or have the Rega Appolo -R

New Appolo Rega R Cd player?
Just curious want to buy the new Rega -R Cd player. Has anybody heard or purchase this new player? Would like to hear from ya?I have a Mystere Pre Amp and a Jaton pwer amp and 66DX speakers .
Not personally but i have heard positive feedback about it. The review at what hifi was glowing also, 5 stars.

How is the Apollo-R as a Transport?
I have the Rega Dac, so I would use it as a transport.
Like it so far as a transport. Been playing it a little both ways (on it's on and with the Rega DAC) and it really does a nice job. The combo looks great sitting next to each other also!
How does the Apollo R compare to the Rega DAC sonically? Just trying to figure out the heirarchy of Rega's digital players. Because the CDP and DAC are priced about the same, I figure the sonic hierarchy would be Apollo R, DAC, then Saturn (and I guess its upcoming replacement). Rega's website regarding where the Apollo R fits is a bit contradictory to me.

I own the DAC and have no desire to buy a CD transport or CDP, but I was just wondering how they compared to each other. I'd go hear it for myself, but I recently moved and no longer have a Rega dealer nearby.