Has anybody listened to the new Doors LP set yet?

Mine is on the way, so I am anxiously looking forward to it. (I was one of the lucky ones that got theirs shipped first, as apparently, they are releasing them in batches to the retailers. Lucky is, or course, a relative term, since I ordered this on April 18th, 2007!)

Has anyone listened to it yet, and how does it sound in general?
(How is the pressing quality?)

And, has anyone done any comparisons to either the original issues, or to some of the better reissues, such as the MOFI or DCC copies?

Hopefully, we Doors fans will have something to talk about, (and more importantly listen to!), for the next few weeks!


PS If you are not a Doors fan, please find another thread to vent how much you hate The Doors, or think they are overrated, etc. Thank you!
I listened to the first album (stereo version) last night and it sounded quiet, layered and detailed. I was very pleased. I am going to listen to all of the albums and then AB them with some originals. I will report back.
Kurt and Electro,
I look forward to your reviews. I've been extremely tempted to order reissues, but often disappointed at the quality (sonics).
The first LP I bought - The Doors.
No LP here, but I do have the "Perception" DVD/CD box set - wow, does this ever sound GOOD! I bet the vinyl is outstanding.