Has anyone gone from Tannoy to Zu Audio?


I'm a Tannoy Legacy Eaton owner who is wondering if the step to Zu Audio DW6 is to big for me.
I really like my Tannoys, but they are a little veild and a little too laidback.
I have a 12w tube amp and the sensitivity of the Tannoys is just at 89 dB.
I usually listen at low volume, which is also not the Tannoy Legacy Eaton's strong point.

So, anyone here that has taken this step? Was is an evolution, a revoulution or...?


@mahughes  any idea why they sound so different at shows? I've been considering ZU, and can't decide if they'd be to my liking or not. Never heard them. Could order and return if I don't care for them. But shipping is still expensive and a hassle. 



I moved from Harbeths to Zus.The Harbeths were smooth as silk but left me craving dynamics. Now I've got 'em :-) They can sound harsh until you find the perfect position for them. It took me literally weeks to get them exactly right.I loved the live sound immediately but don't want to feel I'm right in front of the stage.Section B instead of section A up front if that makes sense.

@aldnorab @jtcf says. Whilst the DW stuff is easy set up much of the rest of the range takes time. Once in the right position they can take weeks and months to settle. Mine were still improving a year after purchase. Pretty much zero chance of pulling any of that off at a show. I’m not sure why Zu even go to shows. At ho,e and settled they are ludicrously dynamic, non-fatiguing things of wonder.

I’d say definitely try some different amps with your Tannoy’s if you really do like them it’s worth it. If you want new speakers someone suggested Volti that’s a great though. Their Rivals would be a bit above your budget but not the Razz.

Just saw your post that you're in Sweden have you considered Audio Note? A pair of AN-E's might do it for you and can probably be found used in your price range.

@mahughes thanks for the reply. My biggest worry is the upper midrange and highs. I'm sensitive to that range and worry there wouldn't be enough refinement. I've had that problem with Klipsch speakers from ~20 years ago. Exciting, but ultimately a little relentless, for me. I like my friends Lowther in a midrange horn with Altec horn tweeter. But the size and cost are hefty.

What well known speakers are the DW6 most like in tonal balance? JBL/Klipsch, KEF, Magnepan, etc.? Seems the economy is holding down sales of the ZU DW6. I remember past DW selling out in days. The DW6 have been going almost a month.