Has anyone gone from Tannoy to Zu Audio?


I'm a Tannoy Legacy Eaton owner who is wondering if the step to Zu Audio DW6 is to big for me.
I really like my Tannoys, but they are a little veild and a little too laidback.
I have a 12w tube amp and the sensitivity of the Tannoys is just at 89 dB.
I usually listen at low volume, which is also not the Tannoy Legacy Eaton's strong point.

So, anyone here that has taken this step? Was is an evolution, a revoulution or...?


@simna, right you are, I did not realize you were in Sweden. Please let us know what you end up doing, whenever you decide on the correct choice.

@aldnorab a Klipsch from 20 years ago is a very different beast to that of today. Get the right amp with that or a Zu; set up properly and it’s hard to imagine fatigue being the word that would spring to mind. I like Darko but his comment re: PAs was unhelpful and more than a little deceptive. 

I gave up trying to find new speakers for my small 12w tube amp.

Maybe I'll try to find a good push-pull using EL34, KT77, KT88 and 6550. for my Tannoys instead.

I have run my Tannoy Sterlings with an EL34 Line Magnetic 211ai tube amp and to my ears that amp brings a smoothness and clarity to the upper mids and lower  treble region that also seems troublesome with my hearing (sibilance) . I believe, though not positive, the driver in the Sterlings is the same as in the Eaton. 

The 211ai delivers 36 watts in ultralinear and 16 watts triode. I use the ultralinear mode with the sterlings. 

There are many EL34 tube amp available. My problem with the 211ai is the overly high sensitivity. Volume control is limited to 7-10 o'clock position.