Has anyone had any experience with PowerCell?

Has anyone here had any experience with the Synergistic Research Tesla Power Cell power conditioner? I understand there is a significant design difference between it and every other power conditioner on the market. Any comments?
I've got a PowerCell in my system. It's like nothing else I've ever experienced from a line conditioner. It dramatically expanded my sound stage, increased resolution, decreased noise and glare, improved low frequency extension and control, and does not limit current- not even when I plug my mono block amps along with my entire system directly into the PowerCell.

Take a look at these reviews here on AudioGon as well as 6Moons. This is an exciting component.

AudioGon Review

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Shellie - thanks for your post. I have since had a chance to try a PowerCell 10 SE in my system and can say that without a doubt it is the best improvement in my system that I have made in years! I ordered one within a single day of the home audition and have been amazed at how wonderful it makes my system sound - particularly since I had been using 3 dedicated 20 A circuits previously. Can you say "holographic"?