Has anyone had trouble acessing the Industry Directory Page of manufacturers??

I am having trouble accessing the "Industry Directory Page"   (not the remedial alphabet index of letters which then lead to a listing of manufacturers in  BLUE LETTERING ), but the actual on-line  website of a particular brand, for example, Nordost,  Dynaudio,  Denon  Conrad Johnson etc, etc.etc. .  All I get is an error message that says "Opps  404i  ....."  So if anyone knows the secret code, or procedure, please let me know..... Thanks, Jim 
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Go to the page bottom and click on "Show Contact Info". The web address, along with other info, is displayed so just click on it...
Thanks for the tip!!  It seems to work; but older access was much easier because of  the fewer steps to get there
I agree. Another thing that bugs me is the way AGon removed the "scrolling arrows" from item pictures. Now you have to click on every picture (of a for-sale item) you want to look at, back out, then click on the next one. A pain.

To dweller,  Amen !!! 

AG's web designer must be an idiot or AG is run by idiots. The order of their day seems to be lets make the site "cooler"  and also more difficult to navigate and use. 

They are losing customers by the boat load. Take special notice of the big ticket items that are for sale, as if the mid-fi items were superfluous    .