Has anyone heard a Gryphon S-100?

I own a Gryphon Tabu integrated and love it. I am considering a S-100 but I can not find one review. Any opinions would be appriciated. I am also considering a Callisto 2200.
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I bought the S100 ( not S-100 ) and the Linestage brand new when they first came out in 1991. Both of them feature dual mono configuration. The S100 employs balanced inputs exclusively, therefore should you choose to use the S100 with an unbalanced signal, adaptors are needed to connect the single-ended cable to the balanced input. Of course, this is not recommended for long term use so you must be prepared to mate it with a pre-amp with balanced output. The Linestage is probably best matched with the S100 but it is rarely listed in Audiogon. The S100 is designed to effortlessly deliver the high current required to drive low impedances. I was using it to drive my Thiel 3.6 which is known for its difficult loads of 2-4 Ohms. The stiff power supply uses custom made capacitors with 160,000 microFrads of reservoir capacitance. With 24 Sanken 20 Ampere output transistors, the S100 is specified at a nominal 2 x 100 Watts in an 8 Ohm load and can deliver peak power of 2,000 Watts in a 1 Ohm impedance.
While the S100 to outward appearances resembles a stereo amp, it is in fact more accurately described as a two-channel mono amplifier, with only the AC input and the On-Off swtich in common. Beyond that point, the topology of the S100 is strictly dual mono, beginning with separate power transformers and including a metal partition separating the two mono amps to eliminate any possibility of interaction between the two channels which might potentially compromise ultimate sonic performance.
If you need any further technical specifications or further information on the S100 and the Linestage, pls feel free to e-mail me.
I heard an S100 on two occasions back in the early 90s. It was driving both Avalon Ascents (very well) and the notoriously power-hungry mbl 101s (Belfran's post shows the power this thing has, he's spot on), and quite frankly was the best sounding amp I'd ever heard with the mbls (I'd previously heard Cello "red-eyes" Performance monos, the Gryphon monos and Jadis JA 500s). I believe it got a negative review from Jonathan Scull in the S-phile in the early to mid 90s, which surprised me because my experience with the amp was it was powerful, beautifully controlled the speakers and had a very rich, full-bodied, dynamic sound. Since that review I think Gryphon has kept a lower profile here. I think it is a fine amp, better than many of the more hyped names out there, and superbly engineered.
Rcprince is right on the money. I am very familiar with the sound of it and it is just as he says. Sculls hatchetjob of it may have had to do with the fact, that HP liked it, although he never really reviewed it. It also throws a very wide and deep soundstage, is pretty neutral and it is built like a battleship.
Hi guys,

I don't recall reading any review of the S100. If anyone did, can he e-mail me a copy of the review.
I'll check my old Stereophiles, but it wasn't a pretty review, and as I said it was completely at variance with my experiences with the amp. Did you check the S-phile site to see if it's in the archives?
Hi Guys,
Why are there no reviews of Gryphon in The Absolute Sound or Stereophile?
Gryphon is actively seeking a qualified US distributor. Since these magazines have an editorial policy of not reviewing products that are not available in the USA, there will be no reviews until distribution is established.

The above is an extract from the website of Gryphon Audio Designs.

As I stated earlier, I DO NOT recall reading any review of the S100.

Paul, whether review or no review, you will not be disappointed with the S100.
If there was a review in Stereophile it must have been in the ninetees, when Gryphon had distribution in the US. I recall, that HP of Tas referred to the 100 favourably, but there was no actual review.
Hi guys,
Thanks for your help. I think I am going to go for it!
I e-mailed Gryphon asking for a reveiw, they said even they don't have one. Odd!
I am going to sell my ARC LS22 preamp and buy a new one to go with the Gryphon. Any suggestions? I want it to be solid state, and have a remote. I want to spend under $2500 used.