Has anyone noticed Qobuz sounding a little fatter in the right channel?

Just to be certain, I swapped tubes in DAC. Swapped tubes in Amp. Swapped RCA’s. Brought down the little Schiit DAC from upstairs and same thing. A/B spinning albums with Technics, Herron, and Hana. The digital seems to be a little more weighted on the right channel or lean in the left channel. The album image is dead center solid perfect. Couple tracks, Paul Simon Graceland - You Can Call me Al. The new Cat Power Covers - Bad Religion. Am I tripping Audiogon?


Sounds like a DAC problem. Try Pink and Inharmonic Noise into whatever meter/leds you got.

Probably impossible to find a tech that can balance it.  I sent my second R2R (Panasonic) to the factory service for that in the 60's. A month later came back just like it went in.

My Qobuz is dead centered.

weird both dacs. different tubes. two diifferent rca manufactures. and perfect on the analog side. 

a usb couldn't affect balance?

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No joke here.  Get your ear checked for wax build up.  That happened to me about 2 months ago and now fixed! Some folks are wax builders ☹️

running an old version of Audirvana and way past on updates. gonna give this a whirl and then checkout some Microsoft settings. 

i'll give my ears a flush William 🤪

It is a common issue for DSD channels to get reversed. So if you are playing DSD compare the DSD recording to a PCM recording and check if the channels are swapped.

Has anyone noticed Qobuz sounding a little fatter in the right channel?


If you swap the left/right channels (flip the interconnects or speaker cables), does the issue move to the other side?

I agree with Grannyring's suggestion about getting your ears checked for wax build up. I had a shift to the left in my system. I recently went for a physical and they cleaned my ears out. I'll spare the details but there was a substantial degree of compacted wax in both ears that had hardened. It was more extensive in right ear. Cleaning the wax out shifted balance back to the middle. 

I am working on program updates. As for the ears, i certainly think it is important to keep them up to snuff. If it wasn't for the analog side of my rig being perfect I'd be all over or in my ears.

I was able to figure this out and it was certainly not Qobuz. My version of Audirvana was way way dated. It took an uninstall and a reinstall w license key but I am back and happy. Not sure how an outdated Audirvana player can throw an image out of center but for whatever reason that's what I was hearing.