Has anyone removed tarnish from Gallo tweeter?

I have Gallo Reference III and the tweeter looks really bad with tarnish, some fingerprints etc.
Sorry to tell you, but it will get worse, although I don't think they're fingerprints. All Gallo tweeters do this -- I've had the original sphericals, the Due's, and now the Ref 3s. At least they ultimately get a consistent, all-over tarnish (sounds better if you call it patina) instead of the earlier blotchy look. If you can find any way to reverse this, please let us know. Since I was expecting it, it didn't much bother me, but I agree that it doesn't look great. Dave
This is the only hint I've found. Has anybody tried?

"When I got them, the CDT tweeters were severely tarnished, they looked like they were salvaged from the ocean! But with a Q-tip and some TarnX tarnish remover they look as good as new!"

Might work. Somebody else go first. I'd sure hate to inadvertently remove something vital to the way these things sound.
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In fact I did ask Gallo now. They don't recommend to touch it and I won't (unless someone brave goes first).
Viridian, this may be the best-sounding tweeter out there. As it stands, there's no crossover between the mids and the tweeter, so what you're suggesting is a big step backward.
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Sorry I forgot the smiley and I'm not sure you're kidding now. As I understand it, though, there's no crossover between mids and highs and the woofer is crossed over at 150 Hz to the mids. Could be wrong. It's been known to happen. :-)
does gallo warn the consumer that this happens, or are they just as supprised. one would think this is a defect and should be corrected.
Nope, no warning. Since all the Gallo CDT tweets do it, they (Gallo) clearly know it's going to happen and don't consider it a "defect." Not the best in customer relations, I agree.
I have a pair also,I bought as a demo pair and just got them back from the dealer,I sent it in with a blown mid range.They completely fixed the speaker and brougt it up to original specs free of charge, no shipping cost.This fingerprint issue as I call it, Caused a real problem for me.I only had them a short time when the mid blew.In closer inspection I noticed the fingerprints on the tweater and felt it was tampered with at the retailer, due to the cage how would you get fingerprints on it to begin with unless you had it apart?My retailer told me that he was told these are hand built and that all will eventually show signs of this(only one of mine shows this the other is perfect)He was told me they are fingerprints and they show up after due to the materal used.I think that is "bunk",excuse my language.Why would you not wear gloves then if that was the case.I got a great deal on these speakers and they sound terrific(Although it was hell to wait a month for the repair)I half expected it to come back with a pristine looking tweater,But it DID NOT.I am sure if there was a way to remove it, they would have as I complained about it directly to them.I like the look with the covers on anyway so you can't tell.I thought for sure I was a junior detective finding the fingerprints,Product tampering,Blown mid cover up.Real CSI stuff. LOL! I am going to leave mine alone and enjoy "Definately not Tarn x"
Just checked the (growing) blotches on mine. They don't look a thing like fingerprints. The tweeters will be uniformly brown before long, just like the color of my Due's. Dave
I've had mine for probably about a year now, and they definitely show the fingerprints. My guess is that the oils transmitted through the hands accelerates the tarnishing so that the fingerprints show up first. Over time, I'm hoping they become more uniform, but as long as it doesn't impact the sound (doesn't seem to), I'm fine with it. Just one of the quirks of a very unique speaker.
SO, the big questions: is there any reason to believe this tarnish/patina thing affects the performance or longevity of these tweeters?
Not according to Gallo, Joebone. It happens to all the CDT tweeters in due time.