Has anyone replaced their speakers with Kii Three/BXT?

Went back 15 pages to see if this is being discussed and didn't find anything. I'm curious if anyone has switched over to Kii Three or Three with BXT and if so how you are finding them. Especially interested if anyone that uses mainly analog sources are now using them.

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I’ve been using a pair of Kii Threes after deciding to simplify and move to streaming from an elaborate vinyl and cd system. Past systems were Pass Labs active Rushmore , Chord Dave, and Gryphon preamps, Linn LP12 , Naim, Audio Research etc., Orpheus and all sorts of exotic turntables. I chose the Kii based on listening at the store but soon after delivery that it requires just as much care and tuning to get it right (it’s not just plug and play).. consider the streamer, power and EMI isolation power supply (separate isolation for each speaker), equalisation and speaker stand vibration control. For example , I use the PS Audio Power Plant, and IFI streaming and power accessories and cables… do experiment. Once done it is as rewarding musically, if not more, than all my past analog equipment.


Here’s a recent review in French where the Kii Three is compared to other exotic equipment.
Note this translated excerpt that I completely agree with..

”What I generally appreciate when listening to this recording is the quality of the transients, but also the fluidity, harmonics and little ambient details.

Often by adding tube electronics, we are not too badly served, and we avoid this typical dryness of the transistor. The tonal variety is also quite rich and therefore also constitutes a discriminating criterion. The surprise with the Kii Three - BXT set comes from the fact that this fluidity and harmonic richness of the tube is present despite the fact that this system does not have it.”

See issue No. 8.

My next step is to upgrade the Kii Three speakers by adding the BXT.