Have gun will travel

Has anyone heard this band. They need to be if you're into Americana roots. The music is special and the players are great. 3 lp's out. Killer
I will check em out. Thanks! Any other American Roots bands that you recommend. Thanks.
Mitch4t, you need to sign up for the Encore Western channel or Wire Paladin San Francisco...

I am really enjoying everything I have heard from this band.
Thanks for the heads-up
I'm also a fan of the Rifleman(and Lawman to a lesser extent.) However, Paladin as played by Richard Boone is by far the most interesting-- transitional to Sean Connery's James Bond ant Cpt. Kirk.
As a kid, I got the Have Gun Will Travel cap-gun and holster set for Xmas. A handful of calling cards and a derringer was included. I wonder what that would be worth today if I'd held onto it.

I trump you with my Steve McQueen Wanted Dead or Alive sawed off holstered repeater rifle and my Hugh O'Brian Wyatt Earp Action figure bow-legged for ride on a plastic horse. Unfortunately both are lost to the junk yard.
Trumped indeed. No one in my neighborhood had the Josh Randle set. I always wanted one...I'm envious. All of the Westerns had a pistol/holster set for the kids, but the Josh Randle set was one-of-a-kind. Very cool and distinctive, it's got to be probably one of the rarest of them all.
They are such a great band from my local town of Tampa. I do hope they make it to the bigger stage such a joy to see live.