Have the Joe Jackson Look Sharp Album - Any Good?

Has anyone tried the Vinyl Lovers label 10" version of Joe Jackson's 'Look Sharp' album. How's the sound and vinyl quality....thinking of ordering it off of Acoustic Sounds...

Vinyl Lovers
Genre: Rock
Product No.: AVLL 900143
Availability: In Stock
Format: 10 inch Vinyl LP
No. of Discs: 2
i haven't opened it yet. its a touch of class that vinyl lovers put this out in a replica of the original limited 10 inch two-fer. As for the master, most vinyl re-issues are coming from the most recently created vault material, and more often than not, its a digital source....record's still cool though.
Thanks; I have the original release, both CD and vinyl. The CD sounds terrible. I guess I need to play the album and then decide if I should re-purchase on Vinyl Lovers; doesn't sound too promising though!
The original 10" is not all that uncommon, and can usually be had for a reasonable price - I have a copy. I find the original 12" US A&M issue to be on par with the 10" version sonically; not too much difference between them. We saw Joe Jackson a few months back in Northampton MA - it was a great show!!

BTW, lots of mediocre reports on the 'Vinyl Lovers' reissues floating around; good surfaces but bad transfer/mastering. Like many reissues, I'd avoid them like the plague. Good listening,

Oops... I have the A&M issue, not the 10" version. Will listen today and see how it sounds on my new Aries 3...

thanks for the heads-up on Vinyl Lovers issues...
If you like Joe Jackson a must have, IMO, is "Night and Day". I have an original(?) A&M pressing and the music and sonics are fantastic. I'm going to give my original A&M "Look Sharp" a spin right now.
Stickman451, I have a remastered CD--24bit/96hz--with excellent detail and full sound. If you pass on the vinyl, you should at least get that one.
Not a great Re-issue but considerably better then any of the copies I have 2 12" 1 10" and a horrible cd. WORTH it if your a Joe Fan
i have an a&m pressing as well...and im quite happy with it...these can be found easily and cheaply...try this route first would be my advice...btw...first 3 jackson lps are stellar..
Yeah his recordings were very good and my favorite recording by him is Beat Crazy.