Have you had any bad purchase experience(s) been with Audio websites and/or retailers?

Have you had any bad purchase experience(s) with Audio websites and/or retailers?

I’ve fortunately only had three bad online experiences. All were buying a new item then I got a used, worn item:
  • Notewrothy Audio (Canada)
    - Keith Monks PyraMat 12" cleaning platter - Was 11", stained, moldy and split.
  • Galen Carol Audio (USA)
    - Stillpoints LP1 record weight - scratched up, especially the base.
  • The Cable Company (USA) - The saying is "bad things happen in three’s,"
    so recently this happened with a cable, plus offensive "customer service" too (please see below)

Yes, I paid The Cable Company for a new cable but clearly received a used, worn and partially packaged cable. Okay, a mistake(s) can be made, either at the manufacturer and/or the retailer/dealer. We’re all human and fair enough.

So I emailed Customer Service, complete with photos. For comparison I then emailed an open box photo of the same cable in new condition, kindly sent by another dealer. Here is the full reply from The Cable Company’s Customer Service:

"We now have 15 of these in stock and not a single one has protective caps on them. I find your accusation that we sent you something used as not only baseless but inflammatory and I am offended by it. The cable that we sent to you was brand new, in the box, as shipped and received from "Company X," PERIOD." (caps in original email)

Well, so much for a calm, even handed and open minded response. Not even a question(s). Certainly no "let’s work this out" attitude or such. I then asked again for a return shipping label. Here was Customer Service’s full second reply:

"Not gonna happen. Not when I pulled a brand new cable from our incoming shipment and sent it out to you. ANYONE can dummy up a cable and take a picture and claim it was used- it was NOT used- at least not when it left here."

So I was not even believed and dissed. Wow! Especially surprising as they allow for 30 day trials and returns. This cable is also easily available elsewhere. Seems business is good enough I did not matter. At least I had the cable as physical proof of the problem.

Given the disbelief, rudeness, false claims and complete impasse right from the start I filled for Buyer Protection with PayPal. They decided the case in my favor, and issued a full refund the same day the cable was return delivered. Phew!
So have you unfortunately had such a bad or worse buying and/or "customer service" experience(s)? Hopefully not...
I've dealt with Music Direct, Audio Advisor and Upscale Audio, and their service has been flawless.  Where situations have cropped up where I needed to speak to a live voice, they've never failed to solve my problems.  It  didn't hurt that the live voice always possessed high-end cred.
I'm happy to say, so far I have not had such an experience with audio. I once bought a cellphone graded "new--other" on eBay; seller asked "What are you going to do about it?" in response to a missing part; and when I said "I'll have to leave bad feedback," he had me cited by eBay for "feedback extortion." Yet dozens of other transactions on various fora have been just fine.
I bought a pair of amps in Perth, Australia. I had a BAD experience.

I won’t go to Australia because of it... THE WHOLE COUNTRY..

I still send him mail. :-)

No thanks.

I’ll wait out a CAT 5 hurricane in the harbor. Give me a parachute I’ll jump before we land, I’ll take my chances with the sharks. I’m not gettin’ off, I’m not landing in or on it. eBay, no recourse, total fumble. BRAND NEW!

The only bad I can think of was SGC direct with their own product and SOtM through Crux. Neither one could get their streamers to play anything, but refunds including return shipping were given w/o pulling teeth.
Galen and The Cable Co. were better than flawless in their dealings, I got more than I paid for.
I think you should stick to PayPal for awhile. They usually get a refund and I don't have to send crap back.
Soundstage Direct. Seth Frank ripped me off for around 5000.00.

I was buying a VPI Prime Signature with a new Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge. Luckily I hadn't shipped my trade in before his whole scam was exposed. He ripped off dozens of people before he ultimately was caught.

Incredibly....I don't think he was ever prosecuted.

BTW...my credit card company refunded my money after a lengthy fraud investigation.
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No just the ones unsuspecting consumers should avoid....you get ripped off...and you might have a different perspective,,,goofball
Galen Carol had always been wonderful to deal with for over 20 years.Im sure if you told Galen he would have rectified the problem before you bad rapped him. The Cable Co is a joke with crappy service.Also stay away from STEALTH cables with 0 resale in the USA and ripoff prices.Also i would buy nothing from Canada.
If it was unclear, despite their lacklustre 'quality control' on what they shipped out the door, Noteworthy Audio (Canada) and Galen Carol (USA) did eventually refund or replace the clearly worn  items.  Avoidable hassles with a just bit more care.
Great experience with Upscale Audio multiple times. Those guys will work with you, not pushy. HiFi Heaven is pretty decent, always been responsive. Moon Audio, also easy to work with.

If you’re looking more mid-fi, I can’t say enough good things about Crutchfield. Great company, great culture. 
The cable co, I don’t know, I’ve planned to buy from them...that might have been different over the phone. That helps to weed out the keyboard warrior bs.