Have you heard a VAS cartridge?

VAS offers wonderful re-tipping services for our cartridges.  The reviews of Steve's retipping services are great all around.  I've used him twice and love his work, efficiency, pricing, detail, videos...everything about the vendor. 

What about VAS's own cartridges for sale?   They appear to be super modded Denons.  I'm very curious to learn what first hand experience folks have had with them.  


I have one. Steve sent it to me after I had purchased another cartridge- an old Monster- that he had retipped. I generally use high-line cartridges in my main system and this was intended for my vintage system. I wrote about it here:

Beyond that, Steve has been a joy to work with-- he's fast, relatively cheap and responsive. I know Peter L. and have used him, and have also done "factory" re-do's. 

I know somebody that bought a fairly expensive Koetsu stone that had a misaligned cantilever. Steve realigned things, don't remember if he installed a new stylus, but he is capable of doing refined work, not just chopping off the old cantilever and mounting a pre-fab cantilever stylus. There are a lot of people who do good work all over the world. Steve is among them. 

I have NOT heard his cartridges, just ones with new cantilevers and tips.

I'm lucky, live only 35 minutes from him, I’ll listen to one he rebuilt completely on his system when I visit him soon.

I have heard two he re-tipped for my friend here in my system, and 2 he re-tipped for me in his system and my system

He has one done for me I need to pick up.

I trust what he says about his cartridges completely.

any prices on the  modded denon 103 ?   im also interested in the  denon 103 mono

Thank you What! You always provide excellent information and opinions.  Loved the article.  I'm likely going to bite the bullet and order one from Steve. 

VAS also have their Nova MC cartridges, which seem to be a different thing altogether from the 103-based ones.