Have You Heard About Daedalus Music?

Nope, not another long winded review of the outstanding DA-1 loudspeakers--sorry to disappoint! I just received a shipment from Daedalus Books and Music after ordering from a catalogue filled with cheap, high quality CDs. Many cutouts at around $5 a piece. I ordered some great recordings from the likes of Linn, Nimbus and Chesky all at about that price point. Non-cutouts are demonstrably cheaper than Amazon, Borders, etc. Great service and quick shipment as well. All kinds of music and an easy to use website. Go to:


BTW, want to guess how I heard about Daedalus music? I drove by their Maryland location adjacent to I-95 on my way to pick up my new Daedalus DA-1 speakers. Wierd, huh?
Come on, you can't see it from I-95. How did you REALLY hear about it? Betcha saw an ad in the Washington Post, or got a catalog, right?

I get there every couple of months at the very least. Usually exit with at least 10 CDs.
Actually the building with "Daedalus" in big letters on the side is quite visible from the highway. Maybe I was on the road to Columbia (Rt 42?) rather than I-95.