HD music downloads to iPod?

I am using an ipod classic with a wadia i170 transport and a music hall dac 25.2 dac. I have all my cds on the ipod in aiff and it sounds great; but i've been reading about on line downloads of 96/24, 88/24 and even 192/24.
My question is is there any way to get these high rez recordings onto my ipod? From what i've read on the subject there isn't; but maybe someone here knows how.

It's true, you can't. The iPod won't play anything over 16/44.1. iTunes, on the other hand, will play anything up to 24/192 IME, as long as you have an external DAC that can also go up that high.

That said, I have not tried loading a hi-res file onto an iPod, then connecting the iPod to a dock like the PURE i-20 and the dock's device to a 24/192 DAC. Maybe someone else here has tried that.
Another consideration is file size.

The Dvorak Symphony No. 7 in a CD-quality FLAC file at 16/44.1 is 242 Mb. At 24/96 it is 1,190 Mb and at 24/192 it is 3,550 Mb. (Thanks to 6 moons for the figures.)

It doesn't take many tunes at that resolution to fill up an Ipod.
Even compressed into a FLAC, 242 MB seems low for a 16/44 file which is a 1,190 MB FLAC at 24/96.

To take an example from my own hard disc, Bucky Pizzarelli's Swing Live album is 1.14 GB at 24/96 and 655 MB at 16/44.1. Those are both AIF.

Sfar's point being, of course, excellent.
Thank you all for your input. sfar makes a good point on file size. probably not a good idea , even if you could to load onto an ipod, only 160 gig.
Marks 2512,
as far as I realize, the only way to download HD files is to a HiFi-Man device as of yet, the only portable device capable of handling them. Having said that, my understanding is that even this device does not work (sound) perfectly with HD-files yet. If interested, there is more information on headfi.org.
No ipod qualifies for HD-downloads, unfortunately.
Regards, Florian Hasssel