Headhsell leads on SME V

I was changing the cartridge on my arm and one of the headshell leads broke. I switched the one that had the problem but now it only works in mono (only one speaker responds). I don't have a complete set so I just replaced the defective lead with a spare I had lying around and noticed another one of the SME leads was breaking so I switched that as well. So now there are two ortofon leads and two sme leads attached to the arm. Could this be causing any problems or is it just that it's a connection issue?
Is the wire the same?

Do you hear any difference between the speakers?

Can't say for sure but it would seem as long as there is a connection the signal would get through. Different wire might/could/does make things sound different and may affect the signal to some degree.
If your asking does that mean you don't hear or notice anything in particular?
Only one of the speakers is responding. The other one does not work. I know its not an issue with any of the other equipment as I have a second tonearm and I tried that out.
Ssyeed, You obviously changed cart. clips and not the wire or leads. If the clips are soldered in a 'neat' way then there should be no problem. Otherwise you should use the
same clips on all leads but the 'neat' soldering is still
involved as precondicion.

The wires must not be in correct order.One other possibility I can think of is,one of the wires may appear to be soldered,but the insulation may be the only thing touching the terminal, causing it to look ok. Last on my list is a connection in the cartridge itself let go.The different brand of wires shouldn't cause this.
I checked the order and that is fine. I also tried different cartridges. And I changed the leads, not the clips. I'm thinking Hifihvn might be right about one of the wires being defective.
Problem solved. Hifihvn was right. Only the insulation was touching the terminal on one of the leads.
Ssayeed, That your problem is solved is nice to hear. But
I don't understand how 'the insulation was touching the
terminal on one of the leads' could cause the problem .
My assumption is that SME V has no exchangable headshell so
the wire or leads are continuous from cart clips till phonocable. A change of any lead or wire would mean a change of the whole wire: from clips till phonocable. Ie
I don't understand how insulation can cause any problem and I also don't understand what you mean with 'the terminal'. The usual problem is that the cart clips break
because those wire or leads are very thin or vulnerable.
Nandric,It doesn't matter whether they are soldered on,crimp on,or both,the fine stands of wire break easily.The crimp on type seem to hide the problem even more.I've seen many on my friends or mine that appear to be be firmly attached and be making a good connection,when there was no connection,due to broken strands of wire.The crimp on terminal clips are a little more durable.Some still use the solder only type.When you've gone though 30 or 40 different cartridge types over decades,this happens a lot.I'm glad it was this,instead of a more costly problem.