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I need some advice on a DAC/amp for usb-driven Sennheiser HD650's.  I use this configuration when I'm working on my laptop.  I got a Shiit Vali 2 and Modi3 but am dissatisfied with the result - too mellowed-out, too laid-back.  This is a surprise to me because in my main system I really like the British sound (I have British amps and several pairs of British speakers).  Go figure.  So, I'm looking at a modest (sub-$500) DAC/amp that will do justice to the Sennheisers.  Here's what I've narrowed down on: a) Cambridge DAC Magic 200M, b) Shiit Asgard 3 with multi-bit DAC upgrade or c) E1DA 9038D DAC.  I know, these are very different solutions, especially the E1DA, but that's where I am.  Any thoughts or other suggestions?  Thanks.

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Try one of the Topping products. I have a DX3 Pro+ and it’s pretty neutral IMO.  They have other more pricey stuff, but I haven’t tried them. 

I'm using the LSA  DPH-1 with Sennheiser 6xxx. Sounds very good. 

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I like my Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt, both the price and performance. I use with the laptop and the smartphone on the road. I use it with Senn 650 and 600.