Headphone question

I generally do not use headphones for listening, as I prefer my loudspeakers.  However, I do a lot of digitizing of my LPs (a long-term ongoing project).  For the last few years, I have been using Grado SR-60s to monitor the recordings I make on a Marantz pro-sumer CD recorder.  While these are very pleasant sounding headphones, they are a tad euphonic, warming up the mid-bass, and rolling off the treble.  This makes them great when listening for pleasure, but using them as monitors for recording tends to result in recordings that are too hot on top and too rolled off in the bass.  So I am thinking of looking for a new set of cans, one that would be more of a professional-style sonic balance, very revealing, and very flat in frequency response.  Sonic beauty is not the goal here; I want to hear everything being burned onto my CD-Rs, warts and all.  The headphone equivalent of studio-monitor loudspeakers is what I need.

I prefer over (around) the ear designs.  I do not need isolation, nor is bleed into the room an issue for me.

My ears tend to get sweaty with closed-back designs, so unless there is a closed-back design that avoids sweaty-ears, I would prefer open-back designs. 

Also, since I have a connection to a certain retailer, I can get big discounts on the brands this retailer carries, so I want to restrict my choices to one of these brands.  Also, since my budget for new cans is limited, I need to restrict my choices to headphones that have a street price of about $200 or less (less being better).

Here is a list of the brands from which I can choose, with most models from these manufacturers being available to me:

Audio Technica
Direct Sound

Any adice would be very much appreciated!  Thanks.

Yes I've read the Sonys are very highly regarded phones for studio monitoring.

You want pro gear for that, not gear designed for private use.  Does not matter the brand.

GO to a local Guitar Center.   They usually carry most of the most likely pro audio headphone candidate models including Sennheiser, Shure, Audio Technica, Sony and others.
I see a lot of recommendation for Sennheiser of which I agree. I have the HD-598 model. A over the ear model which is somewhat open backed and very light and comfortable. These have a sound very similar to the HD-600's (which I think is very good) and are just a tad above your $200 range. Just my opinion. Hope it would be helpful to you.
I'm with mapman on this as well.  Grados are listening headphones not recording or studio type headphones.  I've owned Grados, Audio Technicas, Sennheisers and a few customized sets of headphones.  IMO you would be best served by Sennheiser, but go to a Musical Instrument store and try some pro audio/studio type headphones and see what works best for you.
With a modest budget, might I suggest that you try a used set of headphones from the guys on Head-Fi.org   I'm on that site quite frequently and their classified section is very active.  You might be able to score a better quality set of phones for the same budget if you are willing to consider pre-loved gear. 
I have had a couple of pairs of Sennheiser headphones over the years and I've had very good experiences with them.  If used gear is out and you can get a nice discount on new Sennheiser's they'd move to the top of my shopping list.