Headshell weight - Sumiko HS-12 vs Technics

How much more does the Sumiko HS-12 weigh over the stock Technics SL-3200 headshell?
Will I need to add an auxiliary counterweight to my tone arm if I use the Sumiko HS-12 with a cartridge that weighs 5 grams? If so, where can I buy an auxiliary weight for my turntable?

Found this info on another website. The Sumiko HS-12 adds another 7 grams mass to the tonearm.

As for the auxillary tonearm weight, check with KAB USA,
http://www.kabusa.com They list the aux weight for the SL-1200 series for USD $4.95.

Hope this helps.

The effective mass of the Technics arm with stock headshell weighs 12g. That headshell weighs 7.5g, which means the effective mass of the rest of the arm is 4.5g. I was under the impression that the Sumiko HS-12 weighs around 11 or 12 g (but I could be wrong). If I'm right, however, it would add 4g to the effective mass over the stock headshell.

I use mine with a Denon DL-160 which weighs 4.8g, probably around 5.3g with mounting hardware. I've been able to use my Technics arm without the auxiliary counterweight, but just barely. I've since decided to add the other counterweight to get the main counterweight closer to the fulcrum, and overall I like it just a little bit better that way.
I use the Sumiko headshell with a Shelter and could not balance the arm without the aux weight. I think you'll need it.