Hearing aids

With age comes wisdom and unfortunately hearing loss. I’d like to have the opinion of other senior audiophiles who have taken the plunge to hearing aid devices. Have you found improvement in the sound and listening experience? 
Do you prefer to listen with or without the aids? Any thoughts from other seniors will be much appreciated.

Please,  respect me and other senior audio enthusiasts with your comments.




I have hearing loss from the military. First unit Aid Defense Artillery and next unit Field Artillery . I have Resound hearing aids and YES they help alot. If you like listening to audio, you will never hear your sound system correctly with a hearing deficiency. Get a hearing test and hearing aids and thank me later. My system sounds great with hearing aids and when I take them off, it goes dull. The life gets sucked out along with the frequency range I can't hear.

This question has been repeatedly asked over many years in numerous forums and the result is always the same: everyone's experience is different. Some found no worthwhile benefits, others found quality aids transformative (my audio loving wife's experience,) and everything in between. There are so many different kinds of hearing problems it's hard to draw conclusions about your case from someone else's experience. Hopefully you live in a state that allows you to try them without committing to purchase (as is the case here in Florida.) You would be out the cost of an audiologist's visit and hearing testing if they don't work out, but I image most of us have spent more on more than one audio purchase that didn't meet expectations ;-). Good luck!

Great question. Fortunately one I haven’t had to ask yet, despite too many loud concerts when young.