Heat + air conditioners blasting = CDP won't play

I have an Ayre C-5XEmp that I purchased last September. In the last couple days, my system would go silent for periods of 5 to 20 seconds and then resume playing with that segment of the song missing. During more severe episodes, a song will play for less than a second following by silence with no resmption of play.

I called Micheal at Ayre. He was very helpful and indicated that the issue would get resolved at their factory should it persist. However, he mentioned that he has never heard of symptoms such as those that I was describing.

I brought the player into my dealer and one of the salesperson speculated that the fluctuations in power due to the heat wave may be the cause of the players malfunction. I wasn't quite convinced and left it with them for the day to see if they were experiencing the same issue. When I returned, it was reported to me that the player works flawlessly with all types of discs (CD, DVD-A, SACD).

I brough the player home and turned on all components. I have an Audience Adept Response R12 power conditioner that displays the voltage from the wall. It is normally 112-114 during the day and up to 117-118 in the evening. It is currently at 100!! With the unstable voltage feeding my system, it is apparent that my stereo is not going to function during a heat wave. I could invest in a Torus voltage stabilizer but that would require $3k that I'm not willing to part with yet.

Does anyone else experience similar issues during extreme heat?
Before you spend 3K on the Torus, you might try running a dedicated 20 amp circuit. Or also try running a 12ga. extension cord to another outlet that is on a different circuit opposite phase of the one your system is plugged into and hook up half of your system to that and see if it helps. Just some cheap alternatives to try before spending that much money.
This happens with my server/wifi, but so far not with any stereo equipment. Interesting that it is happening to components and I wonder of the potential for damage???

This heat sucks, winter can't come soon enough!
I have had the same issue as Ckoffend with my server/wifi but not with my components. I am using an older panamax 5500 that claims to regenerate power and have recently turned the dimmable lights back up on the meters and it seems to be holding steady at 117 volts. So it must be at the wall as well or it would shut off or at least it is suppose to if it goes too low. Yeah this heat and humidity sure sucks but I think I will only go as far as fall can't come soon enough. Shoveling a foot of snow a few times a week sucks even more the older I get!

Find a used PS300 or PS600, depending on your load requirements and use it on your source equipment.
You set the output voltage and hz.
Thanks for all the great replies so far. Hevac, that's actually a great idea. I'm pretty certain a P300 would suffice as it would only be powering the Ayre. I also contacted my electrician regarding a dedicated 20 amp circuit. That would be the best option considering it would improve the sound of my system as a whole. However, I don't know how complicated that would by with my system residing in a finished basement.
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I have a fix!! Living is a super hot and humid climate, coupled with super fast growth is housing, leaves the Houston electric grid, especially in my neighborhood where 5,000 homes were built in 3 yrs, stressed.

We have constant surges, temporary outages, and exploding tranformers as they continually try to stablize the grid. In fact, thank God for my home warranty, since my Thermador oven has had the computer module blown 3 times from surges (prob need a whole house protector).

Wow, sorry so long. I added an APC S15 conditioner with battery back up and it's been incredible. Better than any of the PS Audio or Richard Gray conditioner I have tried. The battery back up keeps helps keep the output at a constant 116. They make an S20 if you need more total power output.

Good luck.
Thanks again for the replies. Most of the recommendations are to purchase a voltage stabilizer. However, I have been very pleased with the sonic performance of my passive Adept Response. Wouldn't the acquisition of a power generator render the Adept Response useless? I purchased it from this site very recently. Any other solutions? I would like to avoid making an invesment in another power component which may not perform as well (sonically) as my existing power component.

I brough the player home and turned on all components. I have an Audience Adept Response R12 power conditioner that displays the voltage from the wall. It is normally 112-114 during the day and up to 117-118 in the evening. It is currently at 100!!

I see you live in Canada.

100 volts is really low. What is the nominal power voltage in Canada? In the US it is 120/240V.

Is your air conditioning unit 120V or 240V?

What is the size of your electrical service? (Look at the number on the breaker handle.
I assume you have a 120/240 volt electrical service.
Jea48, voltage in Canada is 120/240 60hz just like in the US.

Adamg, is your listening room humid? High humidity can cause some strange occurences. Just a thought.