Hegel V10 phono with Technics G1200 Cadenza blue

Just got my Hegel V10 phono. Will pair with Ortafon cadenza blue and G1200 technics. 

has anyone used this phone with cadenza blue and TT ?
Impressions ? 


I use a V10 with an Ortofon Cadenza Blue MC on a Thorens TD-1601 TT. I tried a JC3+ and frankly like the Hegel better. I am looking to upgrade but finding a decent price on something that will sound significantly better is challenging right now.

An update of sorts


I received a Whest three signature yesterday. I hooked it up last night and left it on overnight. This morning I listened to some Bob Dylan and Randy Travis MOFI vinyl. I bought the Whest used for the same price the V-10 costs new. It is significantly more pleasing to the ears than the V-10.