HELP best phono & HT preamp setup-cant decide

Hey all, hope you can help, im stuck tryin to decide on a method, so ill lay it all out and hopfully you can give me feedback on what will and wont work, and what you think will work best.

Ive got one pair of Klipschorns which will be my main front speakers, id like to use them for both the stereo/phono system as well as home theater system.

One system will be primarily stereo, primarily for phono
Other system-or part of system will be a 5.1 HT

Now i could get a line leveler phono preamp and then go into the AUX of pretty much any HT preamp and be done, but i dont know much about them and i fear they will reduce quality of phono...any thoughts on that ..? yes no, or suggested brands/models?

I could go with the Sunfire Theater Grand preamp which is one of the few preamps ive ever found that has its own phono input as well as DLP II (for the TG 3 and up)and could serve as my HT preamp as well. But before i just go with this preamp im considering all options and possiblities

If i go with say the Anthem AVM30 im not sure if this will work...can i use its front/main outputs to go into the AUX input of a more vintage preamp that has a good phono ability. Im thinking this way ill be able to use the same front/main speakers for the phono preamp, and for 5.1 the front speaker output will just go into the aux input on the "vintage" preamp so it should in essence be a pass thru of the 5.1 signal thru the "vintage"preamp to the front speakers. Make sense..? I hope so

Any help greatly appreciated, im leaning towards the Sunfire, but only because it seems to solve all my problems-which isnt really the best way to decide. Its supposedly a very nice unit, but i hate bein cornered into it.
If you're looking at all-in-one solutions, take a look at the Outlaw 990 Preamp Processor. It has a MM phono input.
I don't know if I can help with your problem, but I am temporarily using the phono from one preamp going into another preamp. I read from on online audio press that one should(if doing this)take the output from the first preamp through the tape-out(with the tape button engaged)to the second preamp. This way it bypasses the line section(i.e., volume, tone controls, etc.)of the first preamp.