Help building 2 channel system

Hello music lovers. I am building a 2 channel system. This will be used in combination via home theater bypass with multichannel music listening. I listen to redbook cds and have some 2 and 5.1 channel dvd audio I plan on listening to also. I currently have a home theater setup used  for 2 channel and am very unhappy with the sound. The bass is lacking and mid range mediocre and treble is thin and veiled.  I listen to progressive rock and have about 2000 cds. I am going to list my current setup and what I’m looking at for a two channel system. 
Current Setup;

1.) Amp; Cambridge Audio CXR 200 biamp function employed

2.) Bluray Universal Player; Cambridge Audio CXU

3.) DVD Universal Player; Pioneer Elite DV/79 AVi

4.) CD 5 disc;  Marantz 4003

5.) Speakers Front; Paradigm Prestige 85 

6.) Speaker Center; Prestige 45 C

7.) I have a pair of Paradigm Studio 100’s v3 needing one new tweeter assembly for use as the fronts moving the Prestige to rear surround as they are smaller/less range. I would eventually upgrade the fronts if this does not please me. This is my endgame system. I’m getting old and ragged. 

I’m looking at Parasound for amplification and preaamp as follows.

1.) Parasound Halo A21 plus amp.

2.) Parasound Halo P6 preamp w home theater bypass.

I did think about using two Halo A 23 plus biamped but believe the A 21 plus would be better. Any thoughts. Any other suggestions in this power and price range?

3.) Subwoofer: Rel S510

4.) Dac; Bryston BDA 3.14

5.) I believe a good seperate transport would help too. 

5.) I will be buying a cd ripper//music player/storage device last. 
6.) Cocktail Audio X50D

7.) Bluesound Vault 2i

I would go with the new amplification and preamp first. Then add the subwoofer and fix the Studios.This will give me a good starting point for the dac and possible transport. I want to eventually rip all my cds and this would be last, except for possible new full range speakers if this doesn’t cut it. Thoughts?



Parasound is a fine upgrade!


you have a great system, 

get the amp and pre, I would just try some,new cables and speaker cable. 
see how it goes, tweak from there

I have owned the Parasound ZPre/Zamp/ZDac for my desktop system. great value for money.

I upgraded my amp/pre to suit a pair of speakers, the salon 1 and when I upgraded to the salon 2 my amp/pre was wasted money as the new speakers requirements were so different.