Help choosing a phono cartridges

Hello, everyone. I have a vintage Thorens 125 mk11 turnable with the standard Thorns tonearm.Looking for a new cartridge and it must be able to mount from the underside.Looking to spend around $250 to $350. Can anyone recommend a MM or MC.I been researching Grado Prestige gold, Denon DL 103r, Nagaoko MP-200.Kindly appreciate anyones comments. Thanks,rave
I have a Thorens 126 mk III, i am currently using the grado gold have been for 10 years with 1 stylus change thats one of the best things about the prestige line is the ability to change the stylus and for us audiophiles on a budget it helps, however these tables are more than able to handle a much more high end cartridge, im currently looking at the Sumiko blue point special EVOIII, but i can tell you the gold is a very nice sounding cartridge that has done me well for many years, i have the above turntable Mcintosh mc2105, thats been up graded by Terry DeWick, a Mcintosh c30 preamp and mofi OML-2 speakers, not high dollar by any means, but i do have 3 kids and a house payment, so i can recommend the gold for that price range, and your table will allow you to grow.