Help choosing HT processor

I have a question and I was hoping some of you could give me your honest opinions. I ordered and put a deposit down on an NAD M17 V2 unit.  This was back in June!. They are apparently still on back order and apparently an ID is having some issues with parts suppliers and something with their Manufacturing in China.  
Originally I was also considering the Lyngdorf  MP-50 but at the time they too were in the process of up upgrading their HDMIs.  
So now Lyngdorf has their new MP-60 processor they just released.  I want a HT processor that also provides good 2 channel performance.   I plan on a 5.2.4 set up .  

I have concerns about the current issues NAD is having.  There is a big difference in price but the Lyngdorf dealer is willing to discount their unit 1k because of the issues with NAD whom they too represent .   Cost aside,  I’m leaning towards the Lyngdorf.  
Amps are Anthem STR for the two fronts (Goldenear OneR),  anthem AVM 525,  325 for the remaining channels.  
Please advise text ...
You could do a Luxman integrated, with any processor you want.

I'm thinking of going super cheap on the HT processor side, maybe a Marantz from Accessories For Less.

Otherwise I really like the Anthem.
thanks for the suggestion.  I’m going to call NAD myself on Monday and see if can get an answer from them.   I prefer not to use Odyssey .   My room is a family room without treatments.  From what I have read the a Room Perfect from Lyngdorf works very well in this type of untreated , multipurpose environment. 
Around $10K-$12K+ you should check out Bryston SP4/Storm Audio Elite 16 or deals around Datasat RS20i (read folks replaced their 2 channel separates after tweaking RS20i). Above $13K you can consider Trinnov Alt 16. 
I don't think other pre-pros come close to the above mentioned brands.

If one does not do immersive channels (heights/ceiling etc) then my recommendation is Bryston SP3- true audiophile processor which, besides its audio quality also supports 7.1 analog bypass (RCA only) and USB multi-channel in (get latest version). 

Bryston has also stated they will continue to support HDMI board upgrades on the SP3- simply good news for many who cannot add more speakers in their room.


If HT were separate and not an 'audiophile priority' then I heartily recommend Marantz 8805 (even over NAD which has seen issues). 

If you can wait until end of Jan- there will be new pre-pros from Arcam based processors (which Audiocontrol will use), Monoprice, Datasat and Theta.