Help chossing a good speaker. $ 3-5 K

Hi guys: Need some help. Trying to buy a good pair of speakers. I listen mostly to Classic, Jazz and some Rock from the 60-70's. The room is small (13 * 10 * 9). I have a Mc MC 352. I have looked at Harbeth (M30, SHL-5), ATC (SCM 19, 35 and 40) and Dynaudio Confidence C1. I'm looking for clear, non congested sound. I do have a REL strata III on hand that I could use to extend the lower frequency if a feel I need it. I usually listen at no more than 75-80 dB. Thanks in advance.

PS: this is a review/opinion based blind purchase. Dallas is an underserved City and the ones I have auditioned are too expensive or I did not like.
In your circumstances, I'd spend my first $1k on a $350 bass buster and a $600 Velodyne SMS 1 sub controller (room analyzer, PEq and active x-over) which will allow you to optimize your REL for your room and acheive a smooth blend with the main speakers of your choice. IME, once you get it right below 150hz in your room (and the SMS-1 with Bass Buster is IMHO your best shot at that, particularly in a smallish room like yours), the rest is a relative piece of cake! You will have a ton of good choices at the remaining budget of $2-$4K.

Actually, many of the recommendations above sound like pretty good ideas to me. The smaller Ohm omnis (model 100 at app $2K or Micro Tall at $1K) would also work well in your space and are appropriate for your taste. However, IMHO, my 100s (paired with Velodyne subs via SMS as per my recommendation) sound best when played north of 90db. Ohm provides a money back offer with purchase so your risk is hedged.

Good Luck

Just to correct my previous post, I meant to say that IMHO KEF is inferior to B&W.
no brainer!

A) Dynaudio Confidence C1

B) Usher BE-718

C) and now a ringer> the S.A.P. Audio "Trio"

they love tubes and are perfect for your tastes.....will blow away Sonus Faber Auditors!


Phase-correct, 3-way, full-range monitor
1” Piezo horn super-tweeter
2" S.A.P. cone horn-loaded tweeter
Dual 5" S.A.P. full-range drivers
8" rear-firing, “tuned” passive radiator
Frequency Response: 40 Hz - 40 kHz
Sensitivity: 94 dB/1 m/ 1 watt
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms

My favorite mini monitor works great with a good sub (which you have). The ProAC One SC with Target stands. Very dynamic, musical, disappear in a room as good as the best out there, but very inefficient. If you have a high powered amp the One SC will blow your mind. I have never heard the Dynaudio C1 or the Usher BE-718, but have read great things about them also.
If choosing between the ATC and the Harbeth M30 I'd go Harbeth. The ATC is really too large for your space and, going on my memory of the ATC 35 from which the 40 is based, is nowhere near as good a speaker as the Harbeth, particularly through the midrange.