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Speakers: same brand?
The two fronts and center should be the same brand.  It's much less important on the sides and rear.  I'd get the Tekton center.  
Amps from the 1980's -- What gear holds up sonically? Reliably?
I have an EKSC (Electron Kinetics) driving Hales Transcendence 5's.  Two brands mentioned here, a nice combo!  Although I'd love me some Transcendence 8's.I did have an original Electro Research A75, pure class A.  Sweet. 
Any suggestions where to find used pair B&W 801D?
Room treatments behind or between speakers?
A lot of people put diffusers on the wall in between speakers. 
Hales transcendence 8 tweeters
What was interesting in my experience is that at the same time I had to change the tweeters, I went to the OPPO and my computer (using the OPPO DAC) for the digital front end. So several variables changed.I was worried about the tweeters "matching... 
Hales transcendence 8 tweeters
Ejvic, let me know what you end up doing. 
Price for NEW set of Revel Ultima Salon 2
They were 22K a pair new. Used they go for around 13K.YMMV 
Hales transcendence 8 tweeters
I got mine froom Madisound.I agree, Zd. To add another variable, the original tweeters were metal dome, the Seas are soft.But what are the options with no original tweeters anywhere? Myself and others have looked for a few years. 
--- have you ever seen these speakers before???
Chayro, the guy is asking for an opinion. Everyone starts somewhere. 
Hales transcendence 8 tweeters
Madisound recommends the Seas T29MF-001. I have them in my T5s, as do others. I'm pretty happy with them. 
Which pre/pro under 3k?
I agree with a previous poster - get the Oppo, go direct to amps, and see how that sounds. Then you can compare that with a preamp in the mix. 
Oppo BDP-105 audio input question.
Thsnks Caprizzy! 
Mcintosh xr 100 speakers
I agree with audiooracle. I've never liked the sound of McIntosh speakers. 
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Oderus Urungus found dead
Nice, Elvis. Nobody shit on your JJ Cale thread. Don't like them? Don't listen.