HELP Classically ignorant, need vinyl insight

Getting back into vinyl after 20+ years and need some advice. I just purchased a TT and now I need records to play on it. I'd like to start my vinyl collection with "classical" but I'm clueless as to were to begin. I need help on what albums and composers to look for. I do like the following:

1. French horn music
2. String music
3. Melancholy music, the type that makes your bones ache.
4. Conan the Barbarian music. You know the kind that makes you want to get on your horse and impale someone.

Any and all suggestions most welcome. By the way, I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in "music". I chose this as I only wanted TT advocates advice.

Also I need to get record cleaning supplies, what do I need and where can I get it?
Thanks to all for some excellent suggestions. Especially to Rtenyes for posting the question.
My suggestion to anyone getting into vinyl: hit the Goodwills and used record stores. Only buy mint condition, don't be tempted by less than mint.
There are treasures to be had.
Enjoy the hunt!
It might be best to start with Baroque that is a most approachable form of Classical and then work your way along.
Bach and Mozart are a great place to start. Handel, Hayden and Corelli are also in the same vein.
You are starting on a great of luck and enjoy (you will).


Here's some suggestions for string music:

Bartok Divertimento Decca SXL 6026 (Has been reissued)

EMI ASD 521 Barbirolli conducts English String Music by Elgar & Vaughan Williams. (Been reissued)

Martinu Concerto for Two String Orchestra, Piano & Timpani on Supraphon. Powerfull work written at the start of WWII in 1939 like the Bartok above.

Frank Martin wrote several pieces for string orchestra: Passacaille for String Orchestra and Etudes for String Orchestra - both on London/Decca

Bloch Concerto Grosso 1 & 2 on Mercury SR90223

Bliss Music for Strings Lyrita SCRS 33

Szervansky Sernade for String Orchestra Qualiton LPX 1085. Mono but nice, especially the middle slow movement.

Ernst Hermann Meyer Symphonie for String Orchestra Nova 885110

Sarai Sernade for Strings Hungaroton LPX 11636 (This is stereo).

David Diamond Rounds for Strings. There's a Columbia recording of this with Bernstein conducting if my memory is correct. I can't lay my hands on the record to be sure.

I have Pye record (GSGC 14042) that has the Rawsthorne Concerto for String Orchestra the Berkeley Sernade for Strings on it. I think Pye is a reissue label and these probably were originally issued on either EMI or Decca.

Have fun and enjoy.

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