HELP: how to eliminate speaker HUM?

I've developed a nasty, fairly loud hum from all five speakers in my HT setup as well as my sub. If I turn off amp, all humming stops. If I disconnect IC from preamp, that channel/spkr hum stops. Is this ground loop hum? (I've heard of this but don't know what it means). I've heard there may be devices that stop the hum ("humbusters"?). Please help. Thanks..Jeff
First, this is not speaker hum but a ground loop hum in the electronics.

Second, there are devices that will stop the hum but not cure it. In other words, the ground imbalance remains, so it would be better to cure it than put on a band-aid.

From your description, it is coming on the signal with each IC and that suggests the hum is being generated in the preamp. What happens if you remove each of the input ICs to the preamp? That should isolate the input device that is causing the ground loop. Are all your input devices on the same AC line?

Kr4 is right, but add this: if your cable box is attached to your HT setup, a poorly/non grounded cable coming in to the house could cause ground loop hum. Very Common. At least try removing the cable box from the system.
Hey guys, thanks. After I posted, I took out the Rowland Capri preamp from my HT system (had used for 2 chnl)and that did the trick for all speakers except for the sub. The sub has had hum for a long time, and has been plugged into a Monster 5100 PC and now a separate dedicated Furman. Don't know what the deal is with the sub, however, disconnecting the sub's IC eliminates the hum.
Couple of suggestions on the sub:

1. Lift the ground with a cheater plug on the sub.

2. Check to see if the sub is connected on a different outlet/circuit.

The breaker for the outlet that the sub is plugged into may be on the other phase/rail in your main circuit breaker box, or the outlet could be wired out of code. Either of those could cause the hum also. If floating the ground doesn't work, check that all the room's outlets have a black wire to the brass screw and white wire to the nickle screw. If so- and you find that the breaker for sub's outlet IS on the opposite rail from the rest of the system; move it to same rail as the rest of the room's outlets. If floating the ground DOES work: PS Audio offers some nice cords with removable ground prongs, ie:( an inexpensive one. If you haven't been using an upgraded power cord, you'll reap some sonic benefits in the replacement process. A cheater plug will take you in the other direction.
The hum might be caused by a component or transformer near your preamp/processor. I had a small 12V transformer slip under my lexicon processor and it created a hum just as you describe. Solution...move the transformer (or other device that causes the hum).
jeffkad -
I have a capri as well and also had problems integrating it into an ht system. I only am getting hum only from the center ch but I am getting a loud "pop" when I change channels or pause a dvd. If I take the capri out, the problem goes away. Did you have this problem as well?
I need to find a solution because i like the capri too much to let it go.