Help Identifying Speakers

Hello All, I was curious to see if anyone knew what these speakers are? I only have the one photo, so there’s not much to go on. TIA!

Screenshot from 2024-01-12 09-10-13


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Humm, Do you live in Cincinnati? I used to own a pair of those MTD monitors. Bought them from a local audiophile friend here in Cincinnati. Sold them locally about 10-15 years ago or so...

Nice speakers. Well built and sounded very good. Also, the dedicated stands were a nice touch.

I'm actually in the Atlanta area and these are for a local listing, and was trying to figure out what a fair price would be. Do you agree that they're maybe an early version of the Talon Khorus? I looked at pictures and they look really close, but I've not seen any with the front ports yet. Thanks!

I have no idea if MTD is/was related to Talon Khorus in any way. My guess is no. I seem to recall these MTD speakers being built in Italy, but I could be wrong...

Read the copy in the link I provided (ignore the photo of another speaker) as it refers to the MTD "line" by the Italian designer all having truncated pyramid cabinets.



I got some kind of Facebook hit searching ("Francesco Dente" Atomica) that you could look into if you are on Facebook.

Atomica Audio is a HiFi shop in Italy.



This actually a listing for an auction in DC, so if someone is advertising them in ATL using the same photo, I'd be careful

Hmmm, yeah. I was on the fence before. I think I'll move on. Thank you for everyone's help!

I found that listing in DC that you were mentioning. Based on their "estimate". It looks like someone must have gotten a pretty good deal if they were local

What is "DC" - not familiar with it?

I like the MCM like stands in the OP's pic.



awdio2 mentioned that this photo was actually from an auction listing in Washington DC. Someone reposted it near me. By the looks of the auction, someone got the speakers for like $100.