Help in Interconnect cables

My system consists of: Digital Front End: Sony SCD-1 Pre-amp: ARC LS-2 Power amp: McIntosh MC-275 Speakers: Quad 989 Speaker Cables: FMS Microwave II I am looking for interconnects from SCD-1 to LS-2 and from pre to my power. Any suggestions? Also, I am thinking about upgrading my pre-amp, suggestions welcome.
Preamp upgrade always a good investment. How much do you want to spend? If you want to try tubes, the Conrad Johnson PV-10 is worth a try. Line stage PV-10L, with phono PV-10A. I've played a lot with Pre/Power cables and it is hard to say what is best without listening. How about a pair (used) cheaper of Van Den Hul "The First" Very detailed yet still smoooooooth.
Sso1- For reasonably priced ICs, try the Coincident Speaker Technology cables. For higher level and cost, try the FIM Silver or Gold series. These are quite stiff, though. I'd suggest that you try some great power cords first, before you consider a pre-amp upgrade. Don't underestimate the improvement possible with great power cords (FIM Gold or Shunyata KC). Goodluck.
I have recently done quite a few interconnect comparisons and I came away most impressed by a new cable the Silver Marina by Vantage Audio. Vantage is a great deal, about 250.00 for 1m XLR. Best of all they will send it to you and let you try it for 45 days and if you like it pay them, if not send back the cable. I think it easily betters Coincident, HT Pro Silway 2, AQ Diamond and Lapis, and TARA Master Gen 2. Unfortunately it is not better than the expensive cables such as Nordost Quattro Fil, but if you are looking for a lot of bang for the buch then Vantage is worth checking out. Contact Richard
I have used rca nordost red dawn, xlr nordost spm, XLR Kimber 1120, and XLR harmonic tech truthlink in my system. In direct comparisons, the spm is definitely the best, followed by the harmonic tech truthlink, then red dawn. Note that I rate harm tech XLR above nordost RCA which is not a valid comparison given my system is a true balanced design. I tried some kimber 1120 XLR's, and those sounded about equivalent to my nordost red dawn rca's. Cables are truly system dependent. Should try and contact the manufacturer and find out what they demo or voice their speakers with. A cheaper cable that is matched definitely outperforms an expensive bad match.

Don't mean to knock your system, but you might try swapping your ls-2 for an adcom 750 sometime. According to one of my friends who did this exact swap, you may see a significant increase in transparency. I'm just a messenger !
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