Help Looking For a Balanced Preamp

I need an inexpensive, temporary, balanced preamp while my reference preamp is in the shop. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. 
How about the Schitt Audio Freya for 699.00.  It can be used as a passive, tube output or solid state.  It has balanced outputs and remote as well.  I have not heard one, but spec and price would make it perfect for a backup preamp.   
@lowrider57 ,

Cool looking passive preamp, however it seem this preamp designed for desktop 'Active' speakers. 
Used a Meridian 502 and now a G02 for my temps.  Both balanced and theae had the factory phono stages
+1 rhljazz for the Freya or at half the price the Saga, but it's single ended, no need for balanced unless the interconnect runs are over 8mts.
 It's the Schiit. Could even beat the OP's reference preamp.

Cheers George