Help Me Get Out Of The Dark Ages

For 19 years I have been happily living with Dynaco A-50 speakers. Remember them - two-way with a 1.5" tweeter and two 10" aperodic drivers. Over the years there have been various electronics behind them. The end of 2001 I splurged with a Creek 5350SE integrated amp and a Rega Planet 2000 Cd player, as well as assorted combinations of Cardas cables. The result is that the A-50s sound better than they ever have. So what's the problem? I know there are a lot of good speakers out there that are more detailed with better imaging, sound stage, etc., but I really like the Dynaco sound -smooth, neutral and bassy. Can anyone that remembers the Dynaco sound recommend a speaker that is somewhat similar and that would work with the the Creek and the Rega. My price range is up to $3000 new. Any help would be appreciated
Try the Totem Forest. I liked my Dyna A-10's so much that they filled in for over a year after selling Magnepan MG 111A's before I settled on the Forests. Also, Totem's new Hawk looks very appealing for even less money. Believe it or not,The Forests are efficient and I am using them with tiny 15 watt tube mono amps.
Wow, up to 3 grand to replace a pair of A50's! Geez, have you got tons to choose from. Was a great speaker in its day, and not bad today, still play with some(sadly in a way, more than just some) of the $500 and under stuff. I just looked at a pair down in GA, but did not buy. Look at Thiels or Vandersteens, Their easy to own and find, to live with and you have enough power. I consider them to be similar in sound and approach. Might look at the Merlin/Paradigm/PSB lines as well. Damn, I mean there is a ton, and I have just mentioned the better know stuff. You won't have to spend that 3k either unless you just want to, I am pretty sure 1k or so in todays speaker will outperform the Dynaco. Would like to have that assignment.
My first choice would be Magnepans 1.6 for about 1500. Leaves plenty of cash for cables
As you like smooth and bassy, I agree with Jvia. Vand. 2Ce/sig or 3A/sig, and also PSB Stratus Gold or Silver would fit your criteria, and all are excellent speakers. But as noted, there are many. Cheers. Craig
Look at They have excellent speakers. I have bought and sold speakers over the years until I bought Legacy. They sound as good as anything out there and you can spend about what you want.
Since you already have a Rega piece (that I take you like) maybe you can go listen to some Rega speakers, provided they're available for audition. His speakers may be one of the best kept secrets in audio right now.
If you're buying used, for under 2.5 you'd be hard pressed to beat the Vandy 3Asigs if you're looking for smooth, musical, plenty of detail and bass. Not the greated imaging or soundstage and you can definately find something more detailed (like Theils). As the others have said, this is a problem to have. Should be fun.
I've auditioned the Vandersteens and liked them, too. I did something similar to you about 6 months ago - but instead of replacing Dynas, I was replacing my old Ohm C-2's, which sound very similar to your Dyans (in their respective days, of course). I did ultimately buy a pair of PSB Stratus Goldi's for $1300, barely used ($2800 retail, new). They should mate well with the Creek and, as mentioned, will give you plenty of room for cables and CD's - unless you are determined to spend the whole 3 grand on speakers, in which case others will have better knowledge and advise! :-) Good Luck.
Thanks everyone for your input! I live in the DC area so I am blessed with six stores that cover most of the better audio equipment out there. I went on a serious listening binge and heard most of your recommended speakers which were all very good. The winner was the Vienna Acoustics Mozarts. They sounded great with the Rega - a very layed back sound, but yet plenty of detail. For such a small speaker (7" wide), it is amazing the amount of sound that come from the Mozarts - great sound stage. Now for years of happy listening - afterall I kept the Dynacos for 19 years.
Keep the Dynacos as an investment. You could probably get at least what you paid for them on an Ebay auction. I have the A25's in my bedroom and they sound so seductive.
Yes, my upgrades from my two pairs of A35s are Legacy Signature IIIs and a Focus speakers ($4K and $6K). They are obviously better and more efficient. However, for under $200 a pair, the A25s are a steal.
Yeah, Fleschler ... and I suppose you're driving the A-25's with an old Sherwood 7100A reciever too. *lol*
Listen to Mr. Fleschler guys ... He knows what he's talking about. Get a used pair of Legacy Signature IIIs and put the Dynaco speakers in the bedroom.