Help me Tweek my System, for less

I'd appreciate your help, in getting the most out of my system, I've got about 3k too spend on it, what can I do for little money to get the most. I will give you a run down of my system, and if you could help I'd appreciate it. Starting from the wall: Mit Z center, Sim Moon W-5 amp W/ Synergystic power chord, Balanced out w/ Nordost Quatro Fil's to Wadia 6i which is used as volume source I'm by-passing a pre-amp. and Nordost SPM speaker cables to B&W N 802's. All of the components are in a rack, between the speakers. My room measurements are 12.5 feet by 22 long with 8ft ceilings. Heavy throw rugs on the floor, with heavy Curtains on all windows and a couch with nothing in front of the Sound Stage. Like I said I've got about 3k to spend on tweeks and or upgrades, please help. My system sounds good, but every time I come home from my local High End audio store I'm disapointed in the sound quality.
Try a Coincident IC in place of the Nordost Quattro fil.This will give you a big improvment.And net you some extras money.Also replace the Nordost with Coincident speaker cables.There is 2 available on the site.You have nothing to lose.Lots to gain.
you've double-posted. i left the following on your identical thread:

1st thing i'd do is get the rack from between the speakers and put it on a side
wall beyond the first reflection point. leave the amp on a stand, using existing
cables and buy longer ic's to connect your cdp to the amp. apply sound
treatment between the speakers, if not already there, and get some corner
traps, too. i made this sort of move several months ago. it's proven to be the
greatest single upgrade i've made, short of changing major components. much
better soundstage in both width and depth and more stable imaging. in short,
your system should sound better than ever at a cost way under your proposed
budget. -kelly.
I think the room is the most important component of a audio system. Most rooms are overdamped but not linear at all. It would be very lucky to have a linear response in your room without some extensive room treatments. As a alternative, a Tact RCS is a good idea too.
You really need to describe what the problem is. I just build a component rack which really mucked up my soundstage. Make sure your rack is all wood or mdf, and I find that the shelves should be laid on top of small pin supports, not rigid.

Try rdc cones under components and speakers (from

Make sure the drivers are screwed in tight. Tighten them and the soundstage will image much better.

I find the nordost range really good. You may have mains problems giving you glassy highs. Does it hurt to turn the volume up? A well balanced set of components should make the sound richer, more 3 dimensional rather than simply louder.
forgot two things. I personally find the B+W speakers very analytical and difficult to find partners for.

I have a listening room lined with cedar, and it is staggering. there are four bookshelves, one in each corner placed diagonally, so the room is a sort of 'octogon'. These corner bookshelves do a lot for the sound
Is the moon plugged into your power conditinoer or directly into the wall. Jean Polin, at simaudio told me never to put my sim amp into any power conditioner. Is your power conditoner raised off the floor or rug? Also, if your system is very revealing do you have a friend who could bring over some different cables? The nordost is excellent but maybe soemthing like the acoustic zen would help? If you can hear other cables in your system you can then rule out the electronics. The red dawns were too much on my ribbons and when I tired the zens I found a balance....let us know how you make out...cheers, Bluenose
I appreciate all of your responses. I'm in the process of selling my 1m interconnects to replace them with longer ones to seperate the rack from the amp, and create a better soundstage. I've also ordered Bass traps for behind the speakers. Another question, If I use the MIT for just the components, what do you recomend for the Sim W-5 to plug into?? PS Audio??

Thanks Again>>
59burst, I've never had success plugging a power amp into a conditioner - it just seems to make it less dynamic and open, I've always gone directly into the wall. The other biggest tweak period is finding the perfect spot for you speakers, this can have a dramatic effect and takes a very long time for me at least. Toe-in, distance from walls, distance between speakers, distance from listening area, spike, no spikes all must be experimented with. And this is free!