help me with a DAC decision please

i'm looking to upgrade my wadia DAC. My first choice would be to have it also act as my pre. My mind could be changed on that however. I am looking seriously at the April Music Eximus. Does any of the Metrum offerings fit in here? I  need some help finding comparative models from other makers. There is no place for me to see any close by. I have to wing it off of the web and your recommendations. I do not object to buying used.My budget would probably be under 3 grand new or used.
thanks for all the help
whitestix you may be right. that's why i am asking for help. i definitely want to move up not sideways. as far as the need to change. . .  it's the addiction I guess. and i am also adding a network player. i want to make sure i have the best for the better files. thanks
The mytek is wonderful with ALL formats. Redbook sounds really really good.

It also does DSD and MQA, but the latter, from my ears, is snake oil.


I owned a Metrum Hex for a few years.  Wonderful dac, but does not have a pre-amp feature.  I wanted a dac/pre so went with the McIntosh D150.  No regrets at all.  An excellent piece.

As described above, the Schiit and the Mytek Brooklyn DAC are possible options for you to consider.  In addition, the two DAC's below are within your price range and include a volume control as you requested.  I own the Prism Sound CALLIA and like it very much.   The Resonessence Labs Veritas DAC recently announced DAC includes the ESS Technology the ES9028PRO.

I am using the Callia DAC in my two channel home theater system running an optical cable from my LG OLED 4k HDR TV to the Callia balanced to my Ayre AX-7e integrated amplifier to my Quad 2L speakers.   My audio only system uses a different DAC (Bricasti M1 SE DAC Dual Mono).   Please review: 

1) Prism Sound CALLIA USB Audiophile DAC and Pre-amplifier ($2,595)

"Designed and manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom, the Prism Sound CALLIA USB Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) and digital audio preamplifier is tailored for listening to music.

CALLIA is simply the best way to experience digital music. Coupled with high quality analogue power amplification and loudspeakers, CALLIA will deliver your music exactly as the recording producer intended. Whether it is early music, symphonic, choral, easy listening, elevator music, jazz, pop, hip-hop, EDM, garage, hard rock or something else, the clarity and neutrality of CALLIA will amaze you with its flexibility in the face of such different genres.

Using the acclaimed Prism Sound signal path, clock circuitry, ARM Cortex processor & USB platform of the Prism Sound professional range, CALLIA supports USB and S/P-DIF players".

2) Resonessence Labs Veritas DAC ($2,850)

"Resonessence Labs announces that their latest Audio DAC product, VERITAS is now shipping. Featuring the very latest in Sabre chip technology from ESS Technology the ES9028PRO.  In celebration of the fact that we are the first company to introduce a product that has the PRO series Sabre chip at its core. Each unit is machined out of a solid block of Aluminum and measure just 7.3” x 5.9” x 1.96”.  We are offering a choice of three colors, Black, Silver and Gold".

If possible, I suggest you audition these DAC's in your home to help you make a decision.  The problem is this may be impossible so I suggest you take your time and review these posts for more information.    

thanks hgeifman
that's a lot of helpful information. i will do the research. listening is a different story. i will check out all your info. thanks for taking your time.