Help my Innuos Zenmini streamer is only half working.

I have had my Innuos Zenmini mk 2 for a couple of months and working perfectly. I stream and listen to music that has been burned to the internal hard drive. So finally had the opportunity to listen to some music last night it's been about 5 days sense it was up and running with no issues. I stream Tidal through Ipeng on my iPad. When I went to the apps menu to tap on Tidal which I always do to open it up it says " Tidal log failed please check your tidal credentials on my I know it's been a while since I set this up but I don't believe I have a "mysqueezebox" account. And I don't know why I would need one since everything worked perfectly beforehand. Now I did buy the streamer used the previous owner did stream Tidal so I don't know if that has anything to do with it, I did switch it over to my account though. I can play music off the hard drive without any issues. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you. 

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It sounds like it’s asking for the previous owner’s credentials. Is there a way to do a system reset on the Zen, erase all previous info and start from scratch?
Yes you open up the Innous control program and under system there is a tab to do a factory reset.
Hello Steve.
I am sorry I can't help you but that is exactly what has just happened to me with my Zen mk3. Been working fine for months. Haven't used it for about 2 weeks. Tried streaming from Tidal and I got exactly the same message. 
Can I ask if you've managed to fix it? What did you do?
I don't like the idea of a factory reset as the others mentioned as I've only just finished loading up all my CDs.
Mine was brand new 6 months ago so the issue can't be what the others described.
Was thinking of trying the 1 week free trial of Qobuz just to set that up and see if it works. If it does then cancel my Tidal subscription. Seems extreme if there is an effective answer to this problem?
I did have a squeeze box account and  I did have to re-log into it. I also ended up doing a factory reset but I think that was unnecessary I think the logging back on to squeeze box would have cured my issue. Sense then I've become a happy Aurender owner. Hope that helps.

Hi Steve. 

Thanks for your reply. I went onto my and signed in and reloaded my tidal credentials. Still have same problem on orange squeeze and innuos. Guess I might have to do factory reset on the server.
I guess if I've backed everything up then I can resave my music to the zen when completed? 
You just reset everything from myinnuks. Com did you?
Thanks again
The interface software on Innuos products are very problematic.
I highly recommend not purchasing anything from this company, unless you want to be an IT guy on the weekend. You will need to contact Innuos service and supply your serial number, and they will give you instructions on how to solve this problem. FYI, this is the second time that my system stopped working in 4 months. Again don’t buy anything from this company!
Innuos statement owner here. My unit has worked with absolutely no issues. And sound quality is amazing. 
Send your problem to Innuos support. I have found them very responsive.The owner/designer contacted me from London, took control of my Innuos Zen mini Mk II, which I had bought used, and solved my problem with it not working as a server. Note that there is no support by Orangesqueeze, but Innuos is working on a software update to include a player mode. I am not using mine as a streamer.
I don't understand why you are holding Innuos responsible for problems with Tidal?
Unfortunately streamers are not CD players and rely on a lot of different parts working in harmony. I think you should expect to end up having to do some troubleshooting with any system from any manufacturer. 

You've got music residing on a server (yours or tidal's or ?) that has to be requested by a control application on a phone/tablet/computer controller over your local intranet (router & modem) and through the global internet (for tidal). Then the data is routed from that remote location to your streamer, again through countless network handshakes and interactions before it can be decoded and sent to your dac to create music. How many different companies are involved in that process?? It's a giant accomplishment of human engineering that this works as reliably as it does. 

If you want bulletproof, you just have to own your own physical copy.  I miss the near perfect reliability, but wow, the ability to explore and expose yourself to new music every single day is just impossible to give up once you get used to it. I own a system to enjoy music as much as possible and streaming just lets you do more of that than any other route. It's frustrating when the hardware gets in the way, but once you learn a system, those moments should get overcome quickly.
@isjsfiveoMake sure you have the latest 1.4.6 firmware. It was issued earlier this year, but my mini mk II would not let me update until today. It has some fixes for Tidal problems