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Innuos statement
Wisdomental-just saw your post. Did you get both the innuos statement and the c53 ?what are your thoughts ?what streamer did you have before ? 
Is it possible to bring your kids into this hobby?
No interest at all 
Here is all my gear. What's the best combo?
When you decide you don’t want the pioneer six-1250, let me know:) 
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
Diana Ross 1999 or 2000 Palace of Auburn Hills. She didn’t know the words and unfortunately her voice had seen better days. 
Looking for a tube (or tube sounding) DAC
Maybe give a try to the metronome LaDac.very musical and warm 
What’s your top 5 Christmas albums ?
The NAD M33 will cancel your complaints about Class D
Jjss49..........well said  
Help my Innuos Zenmini streamer is only half working.
Innuos statement owner here. My unit has worked with absolutely no issues. And sound quality is amazing.  
Get a nice av receiver to use with the HT system. Do you also want a 2 channel system in the same space ?  
Anybody Use an Audio Research Ref 6E?
the ref 6 is a good way to get into the game. You can upgrade the ref 6 to a ref 6se for 3k later when you have more cash 
Innuos statement
Popspin,I agree with you on the chord umbilical. I did purchase one used. And it was a significant amount of detail added. Using a kubala sosna emotion power cord, also using kubala sosna emotion usb, love the statement. I also play mostly redbook... 
Purchase breaks well within 30 days
I agree with most of the responses. The item was sold used/as is. And I assume not at the cost of a new item. But I wouldn’t think the seller has any responsibility to do anything.I see that the op only has one completed transaction.  I assume the... 
Integrated amp recommendations
Have not heard it yet, but reviewers have been all over the NAD M-33.check out some of the reviews.  
Audio Research or Macintosh?
Great choice, I’m sure you will totally enjoy!I have audio research equipment and used upscale audio For my last set of replacement tubes. Very satisfied. Also have not had any problems with my audio research gear. 
All New NAD Master M33 Integrated Amp // GAME CHANGER ?..
I also have a M-10 that I run in my basement system. I run bozak concert grands as the speakers. (Also added radio shack super tweeters). It’s a perfect 2nd system. Very musical. Very enjoyable. After reading a lot about the M-33 (especially the S...