HELP - my speaker just turned into a radio

I just got my new EAD TM8000 today and hooked it up to my Classe CA300 amp driving Innersound ISIS speakers. There's more to the setup, but this seems to be the only relevant part.
EAD has balanced outputs to front speakers, so they give you a balanced - RCA plug to put in there.

First try

hook it up and turn on the amp first - the left front ISIS is humming slightly, nothing too bad.
turn on the EAD and the left speaker is now a radio

turn off the EAD. 15 seconds go by and it clicks and then the radio is gone, but the humming remains.
turn off the amp and switch the cables at the converter plugs from left to right to see if it changes speakers.
turn on the amp, the right speaker hums
turn on the EAD and now the right speaker is a radio

turn it all off
and now I switch the IC's on the amp end from left to right
turn on the amp, the LEFT speaker hums
turn on the EAD, the LEFT speaker is a radio

turn it all off

pull the IC and cable for the left speaker and route them to the ADCOM I have driving the center channel

turn it all back on

no problem

what the heck is going on?
Here's the whole troubleshooting picture a little more organized
I need some help troubleshooting my new set up.

Classe CA300 – driving front speakers
ADCOM GFA750 driving the center and surrounds
EAD TM8000 – new gear
Sony DVP 9000ES DVD/CD player
Innersound ISIS front speakers

I got the new EAD and connected it up just as it states, very simple. The outputs go to two amps and one digital cable between the EAD and the Sony.

It has balanced outputs for the front speakers, so they give you balanced/RCA adaptors to plug into the EAD first, and then plug the RCA IC’s into them.

I connect the IC’s and digital cable.

I turn on the amp and the left ISIS is humming slightly. I turn on the EAD and the left ISIS is a radio and what’s worse it is picking up this real asshole talk radio guy whose program and attitude I just detest L

I turn off the EAD, 15 seconds and it clicks, the radio goes away and the speaker just hums. I turn off the Classe and the humming stops (duh)

I switch the IC’s at the adaptors to see if it follows the cable and switches speaker.

I turn on the Classe and the right ISIS is humming. I turn on the EAD and the right ISIS is now a radio – same station (rats).

I turn off the EAD, 15 seconds and it clicks, the radio goes away and the speaker just hums. I turn off the Classe and the humming stops (duh)

I switch the cables at the Classe end and it moves back to the left speaker.

I switch the adaptor plugs, no change.

I change the IC out and try a new one, no change.

I move the left channel (IC and speaker cable) from the Classe over the ADCOM and the problem went away.

There seems to be something about the EAD left channel and the Classe left channel that are causing the speaker to be a radio.

The Classe is behind the speakers and the ADCOM and EAD are to the right in a rack.

Now what?

Sitting here scratchin’ her head -

I've been having this problem for a while.
It got worse a few weeks ago, here's a post on why this may have been (very interesting stuff):
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Does the CA300 have a switch for selecting RCA and balanced. If so, it should be selected to balanced if you are using balanced cables. If you are using RCA cable, make sure that pins 1 and 3 of the CA300 XLR connecotrs are shorted oterwise you may have some humming and other nosie problems.

Also on the EAD RCA-XLR adaptor, pins 1 and 3 should be shorted together.

Good luck.
Viridian - I do already. But you are on the right track. I just had someone mention ground loop to me and I got to thinking... I started plugging the Classe into different outlets and VIOLA - after 2 tries, it is GONE. No hum, no radio!


KP, have you tried to plug stuff in in different outlets? I am assuming that I got off the circuit where the EAD is and that was the problem.
off to break in the new processor! YEAH
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Classe is famous for ground loop hums. I have a Classe 400 that had the same issues. Works well now.

Now you have a tuner! Have you figured out how to tune in the desired stations? hehe

Glad you got it figured out.
Yep, I tried different outlets.
It's not ground loop (that was another problem, which has been fixed).
It's actual radio!
It' from the amp to the speakers.
If I disconnect everything else, it's still there even with the ground on the amps lifted.

guess what? the radio is back, but very faintly, but no hum..... I had moved the amp from in front of the speaker to the back yesterday when I hooked up the new EAD. I am wondering if physical position to one another causes it. I am going to lug that 85 lb amp back out front this morning and see. I'll keep you posted.

one more thing, when everyone talks about "cheater plugs" are they just talking about the 3 prong to 2 prong adapter plugs? That's what I am using on the Classe to keep the real ground loop loud hum out of the mix.

Yes Angela, that is a cheater plug. While you would have to do this anyhow since you would be relocating your amp, try moving your speaker cable into a different area and position. It is strange how stuff like that can affect the situation. While your cables should not be extremely susceptible to RFI due to their low inductance / high capacitance design, you never know. I would also make sure that all of the connections are tight. Rather than just make sure that they are "snug", break them loose, re-seat the wires and then tighten until snug. Sean

PS... Off to work i go : (
ok, I didn't move the amp yet, but did play around with the speaker cable and I'll be damn if I pick it up in the air behind the speaker, it goes away, if I lay it down, it comes back, but still very faintly.
I have also plugged it into the same power outlet as the EAD now only I am having to use an extension cord to get it over there. If I plug it in at the outlet next to the amp, even with picking up the cable, the radio is there and stronger.
ok, so I have bandaided the problem, what's the real cause?
poor shielding in the speaker cable?

-aj (feeling kinda good but not quite yet)

The adaptor that EAD sends to connect RCA IC's to the EAD on the front channel (EAD has balanced inputs only on front channel) is NOT shielded! If I wrap aluminum foil around the adaptor, the problem goes away!

Is that a hoot or what?!?!?

I am talking with them about either sending me some shielded adaptors or some balanced IC's (it is also TARA labs now, so they have all this at the ready)

By the way, Roger Sanders walked me through the steps this morning, where I was connecting one thing at a time and then asked me to put the aluminum foil on the adaptor.

I am SO glad this is so easy to remedy and I found the real problem!

Did you ever get all of your phantom audio issues taken care of (Ground Loop "Hum" and Speaker Cable Antenna)?
thanks for checking in.
Roger Sanders solved this one for me -
Yes, the XLR - RCA adapters that EAD ships with their unit are not shielded. The quick fix was to put aluminum foil around the adapter grounding the foil to the EAD chassis. The long term fix is that I have having Innersound make me a pair of XLR IC's.
Bob Bundus solved this one for me -
The hum on the TV was due to the TV cable not being grounded to house ground. I ran a wire from the cable outlet to the screw on the electrical outlet and took care of that problem.
This community is so nice and helpful. That even I can trouble shoot through some really wacky stuff "on my own" and enjoy a wonderful listening experience.

Life is good.