Help Need input-Hydra vs New Speaker Cables


I am new to Audiogon and would love to hear some advice from anyone regarding my system and what I should add next...

Over the past year, I have started to build my first real audio system. I started with B&W 704s and then added a Lector CDP0 5T CD player and a McIntosh MA 6500 integrated. I am now totally hooked and am trying to find that final 10%.

Right now, I am still using my old Monster Speaker cable and thought about upgrading to Kimber or the Nordost Blue Heaven...While researching cables, I came across many positive reviews on the Shunyata Hydras and the local dealer is now telling me that I will see a very substantial improvement with the Hydra vs a new set of speaker cables. I love the warmth of the McIntosh and Lector but power is always an issue in NYC and the dealer also told me that the Hydra will add substantial clarity to my system.

While I understand the importance of protecting my components, I am really looking to find some additional clarity and soundstage depth. Any input regarding what I should do first or on Hydras would be greatly appreciated...The Hydras seem expensive but based on what my dealer is saying, it sounds like it might be worth it.

power conditioning is well worth it. But, and that's a big But: do your speaker cables first. Can those Monsters. You've mentioned what you are considering so we know about how much, I suppose (plus or minus) you're willing to spend. If you're itching to mess around with power conditioning, start (that's after you hook up your nice new speaker cables) with a pair of dedicated outlets. Or at the very least, one, for your source. That, just may do it for you. If you still got the power conditioner itch, I would strongly consider the Audio Magic line. It's what I know, love and worked for my system. Now after you purchase your power conditioner, don't forget those nice power cords. You're now there: electric nirvana. There is, however, no guarantee that you might not like your speakers, cdp, or amp anymore. It's the nature of the audiophoolish beast in us. You've got enough audiophools here, to help you get more confused. Trust your tympanics. Sorry for rambling on and on this Saturday evening, but I needed a little dose of the 'gon before bedtime. The regular 'goners have heard this ole rap before. peace and good night, warren
speakers cables first..(btw you didnt mention interconnects and power cords).

would system cabling first - that should hold you off for a while. then look at power conditioning.
If you have power problem as you might in nyc, just get a line filter cheaper than the hydra.

All systems will respond to cleaning up grunge if you have it, speaker cable change might not even make a difference.

After speaker cables and interconnects, I would do dedicated power before the Hydra as well. That amount of cash will buy several dedicated lines. Then maybe some ac filtering.

House or Apartment?

In a house you own I would add dedicated circuits first, with good cryo’d AC outlets. Next I would consider interconnects and speaker cables. I have heard Hydra dealers say the if you add a Hydra, the power cable addition is not as important however I never tested that theory out. Next I would consider the addition of a Hydra or some other brand of power conditioner; there are many good brands of everything out there.
Thanks for everyone's input. I am in a rental apartment in NYC for about a year before I buy a house in the burbs. Regarding my current cabling and interconnects, I am using Nordost Solar Wind interconnects (the dealer gave me two pairs when I bought my integrated). If you think any upgrades would help, please let me know. Sounds like speaker cables are the first step. I have not done anything with my power cords to date. My dealer in NYC is letting me borrow some Blue Heavens next week. If there are any others that you like in that price range, let me know.

Again, thanks for everyone's input.

I borrowed a Hydra from the Cable Company (highly recommend using them for all of your cable needs). I did not see any change in system performance....That is obviously a good thing if you do have power problems and want to return a system to its former glory. It also means that I do not have a power problem. After testing various interconnects, I saw a much larger jump in performance.