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I know there have been some threads/discussion on Clear Day cables here, but I wanted to write my own opinions since I recently purchased a pair of their double shotgun cables after trying their regular shotgun cables for free.
I am so happy that I took Paul (Laudati, the owner) up on his offer to send me a pair to try for free. Until I heard these cables I had no idea what a huge difference a speaker cable can make. And the prices for his cables are really reasonable as well.
The double shotgun wires simply shine. The depth of the soundstage is amazing. The bass is so clear and defined and also deep and rich. Treble is also clear and detailed without any harshness. The mid-range retains a bit of congestion, but my cables are only a few days old and have only around 40 hours on them. Paul tells me it will take a few weeks for them to relax and open up. Based on my experiences with the standard shotguns, which were already broken in when I got them, I have no doubt this is the case.
As you can tell I am not much of a reviewer, but I hope if nothing else that I have made folks aware of this great speaker cable option. They are so awesome I want to tell everyone I know about them. I'm so glad I found them because of the countless hundreds of dollars spent on other cables that had nowhere near the impact that these have on the sound. Paul sends demo pairs out for free fully knowing that most folks will want to keep them once they have heard them. Not many companies do this. I wonder why?
I'm glad to see someone else enjoying them as much as I do. I have owned them for 3 years and nothing I've compared them to come's close. They are by a long country mile the "best" deal in the history of audio. Nothing else I can think of can give such a big bang for your buck. Like Snackeyp above I'm no reviewer but these are highly recommended. Take em to your friends houses that have thousands of dollar's invested in speaker cable, don't tell them what they are, insert and watch your friends reaction. Then tell them. Works every time. No affiliation with Clear Day, just killer stuff. The Double Shotgun worked best for me. Enjoy and Happy Holidays to everyone.
singles worked best in my tubed system....the shotguns had too much detail and soundstaging, if you can believe that! those would work well with ss gear to turn the 2D soundstage into 3D...the owner of Clear Day is most pleasant also. great product!!
I'm using 2 pairs of Double Shotgun for bi-wire. A great sounding cables, great value. Paul is a pleasure to deal with.
I agree that the Clear Day is a helluva of a cable for the money. Rok2id, stop being a prattling twat (borne out by many other posts of yours).
" Rok2id, stop being a prattling twat "

Is that anything like a 'nattering naboo of negativism?'
I have a pair of Double Shotguns running to the highs and a pair of single Shotguns running to the lows and love it. paul is a great guy to deal with.
i recently had paul make me some double shotgun jumpers for my 3.6 magnapans...boy are they awsome plus the price was small
I recently added a pair of shotguns being driven by my Rowland model 1. I have about 250 hours on them. Everything improved! As others have stated, Paul is a great guy to deal with.
I will echo the positive comments above. I own a set of double shotguns with jumpers. Really, really good cables for the money. Also as stated above, Paul is a true gentleman that lets you try his cables in your system for no cost other than return shipping if you don't like them. I can't see how you can go wrong at least giving them a try.
Definitely a great cable! Clarity Cable was the only cable to surpass it...
For the price, Clear Day very good but Clarity speaker cables have more body, fuller sounding, better bass, and a larger soundstage.
I have had a set of Clear Day Double Shotgun cables for about a year now. They replaced vastly more expensive Purist Audio cables that I was borrowing at the time. I do not know if the 30ft length of the PAD cables reduced it's performance, but A/B against the Clear Day cables was suprising. The PAD cables had a great mid-range and excellent bass, but lacked top end detail. The Clear Day cables are more neutral from top to bottom. The bass on my Magnepan 1.7's seemed to extend lower, and the top end revealed all the little details I had been missing. Overall, the sound was more musical, very similar to my Synergistic Tesla interconnects in terms of sound. I was worried that silver cables would be sharp and edgy, but that is not the case with Clear Day cables. They are smooth at the top and extremely transparent. I was worried about bass output because of cable size. But compared to 10AWG PAD cables I actually got more extended bass that really benefited the Magnepan's. Thanks to these cables I saved hundreds of dollars that I put into power conditioning. I strongly recommend these cables and do not believe any speaker cable sold at this price can compete. Also, Paul is a pleasure to deal with! Try a pair, it's hard to go wrong at this price point.
I also agree that Clear Day Double Shotguns are really world class speaker cables, regardless of price.

I replaced a pair of Gabriel Gold Rapture speaker cables that cost me $1,200 used (the ones that everyone gushes about in another thread) with Clear Day Double Shotguns. It was no contest.

I have also demo'd a pretty wide range of speaker cables in the last few years -- mostly from the Cable Company's lending library -- and the Clear Day Double Shotguns were never surpassed. Some speaker cables I have tried deliver a lot of bass, but often sound slow and seem to close in the mid-range and treble, in order to deliberately emphasize bass frequencies. Others have a wide open top-end, but have MIA bass quantity/quality.

What I hear through the Clear Day Double Shotguns is really wide, open, but non-fatiguing top-end and mid-range, which most really good speaker cables can also deliver. What the Clear Days do better than the other speaker cables I have tried is bass. There is just a lot more wallop, for lack of a better word, like my speakers' frequency response extends about 5-10Hz lower. That combination is pretty unusual in speaker cables.

I honestly don't think that the Clear Day cables are just good "budget" speaker cables. They just happen to be inexpensive and (honestly) pretty dramatically underpriced relative to the competition.
Hi, Mcondon, would you give a comparison between Clear Day Double Shotguns and Crimson Music Link SC? Much appreciated.
I have nothing but praise for the wires and the manufacturer,first class product, and IMOP not over-priced.

I use them in a second system in a small room with a DecWare Zen select amp and a pair of crossoverless 8 inch single driver speakers.

The speaker wires are soldered directly to the speakers.

On simple ,intimate music, it's a very nice combination.

I should add that I use only one single strand of wire for the pos and one strand of wire for the neg run.

Not much between the tubes and the driver and me.
Has anyone compared Clear Day to Signal Cable's Silver Resolution? I have read opinions on how the Clear Day bested the lower end of Signal Cable's cables. But how about Silver Resolution?
I just want to drop my 2 cents in that working with Paul has been one of the most pleasant experiences I've had in HiFi...

Thanks Paul!

(p.s. more wire better...)
"The mid-range retains a bit of congestion"


Has the midrange congestion been eliminated?
Tristone, the Crimson Music Links and the Clear Day Double Shotguns sound almost identical from the mid-range on up. Both provide a very open, detailed sound without being fatiguing or bright. If you had sub-woofers, either set of speaker cables would be ideal, although the Music Links are a bit more expensive. I don't use sub-woofers and found that the quality and quantity of bass was much better with the Clear Days than with the Music Links. The Clear Days achieve this without sounding slow or muddy -- in fact, they are fast sounding sounding cables. As a result, they provide sound that is a lot more rhythmic and musically involving. Mind you, I am a big fan of the Crimson Music Link interconnects, which I use exclusively in my system. But the Crimson speaker cables fall significantly short of the Clear Days.
Thank you so much, Mcondon, I am a fan of musiclink IC too and really appreciate the comparison. Will give try of a Clear Day SC later.
Please explain how to configure double shotgun with bi wiring? 2 sets of speaker wires at each binding post? Thanks.
If speakers require bi wire, simply add another pair of double shotguns, they're very easy to work with.
I use the Shotgun on my Cary integrated tube. Sounds really good. Considering upgrading to double shotgun. Paul was just amazing to deal with. Sent me the cable, free, for in-home audition. Answered all my questions promptly. I'm enjoying my tube sound!
Just spent the better part of the morning e-mailing, and then talking over the phone, to Paul. Customer service second to none. He took an hour out of his day to help me, with nothing in it for him so far. He's sending out a pair of singles, and shotguns, out first thing Monday morning for me to demo. Again, I cannot begin to tell you what great service he provided. :-)
When I ordered my double shotguns I asked about bi-wiring and Paul said that these cables sound best with jumpers rather than bi-wiring. He sells these jumpers in either double shotgun or single stranded. He told me the difference between these two is so minor that most people won't ever hear it, so I went with the cheaper single strands. I have heard some folks buy two sets of the double shotguns and run them bi-wire but based on Paul's recommendations not to do this I just went with one run. Paul could have sold me another run because I was prepared to buy two, but he instead chose to give me his honest advice. He is not only a great guy but after one year of using my speaker cables (and two sets of RCA interconnects) I am completely satisfied. I have no desire to upgrade my cables even though I am constantly looking at other components to audition. I've even considered bringing my double shotguns with me to shops where I audition gear because I love them so much.
Totally agree - not even a though of needing to upgrade my double shotguns - in addition, given that the JRDG M1s are a little dark it has added some life to the amps.
It's been quite some time since I dealt with Paul, but your take on his honesty is worth repeating.

A few years ago he gave me similar advice.

My present set up doesn't use conventional wiring and the speaker wires are part of the system,so no outsiders allowed.

Have experimented with some DIY interconnects using the Clear Day silver wires and some solid core copper.

Even with cheap RCA's(it was supposed to be an experiment)I am very pleased with the results.
I am thinking about improving the RCA's(Furtech most likely)but because the sound is so good now I'm wondering if they would make me any happier?

My reluctance stems from the fact that the RCA's that I used are very light, don't have much metal, the Furtech's are quite robust in comparison.

I like the clarity and speed or the sound I now have, and don't want the extra metal to slow things down.

Getting back to topic,there are other uses for the clear day speaker wires, like interconnects and as jumpers for other speakers.

I have a friend with Maggies which I would like to hear with some Clear day wire as a jumper.
Paul is an incredibly helpful guy with a genuine love for the hobby and an eagerness to help folks get great results without doing walletectomies. A honest gentleman.
Myself and friend owned Clearday cables they are good in the top end and midbass , low bass I am afraid a Kimber12tc was much better.
By far the best Silver cables I have used and now own are Darwin Audio cables ,finally getting everything right including the Bass. These cables are not cheap but far from the most expensive in my opinion. And offer a 30 money back .that was why I tried them without the money back offer
I would not have tried them their ascension plus interconnects beat any interconnect myself or friend had in the .$1k plus range.the speaker cables
Need a full x300 hr burnin ,interconnects I just left on playing for 10 days .
Since the amp doesnot need to be on put them in a DVD player on repeat and get back to them in a week. Like night and day. Prana ,nordost very good but way too expensive for similsr performance.
Paul is a fine gentleman. I have been buying speaker cables and interconnects from Paul for couple years now. From low to mid to high frequencies my double shotgun perform flawlessly. All i can say is call the guy and try to audition his cables for free. I am positive you will buy his cables without hesitation
I wanted to let this community know about the absolutely positive experience I have with the Clear Day double shotguns speaker cables. Been meaning to share my experience for the past 2 week, but did not find time. I am thrilled like a kid.
My only regret is that I should have accepted his offer 2 years back when I contacted him for the first time regarding the cables. For some reasons, I hesitated. And that was a mistake. This time around I let Paul know about my speaker sensitivity and what cable configuration I was currently using. Based on that he recommended the double shotgun versions. Without providing any credit card details, Paul shipped the sample cables (5'2") and I plugged them into my system. He said to run them in for about 10 hours before I do some critical listening. Honestly I started listening critically from the first second. The sound stage seemed huge compare to my previous cables and the treble opened up more than I was used to.

I thought this was a placebo effect and switched back to my older cables. The sound stage came back to what I was used to and the treble softened as usual. Not to say that the Signals were doing anything wrong. It was just that the Clear Days were doing things much better. On familiar CDs, the instruments are placed very precisely in the sound stage. Instruments are delineated from the speaker boxes and seems to be placed beyond the room boundary. There was something that this cable was doing "correct" in my system. The sound seem to be "so real". I am sorry, I cannot put that in words, but I was sold. Bass now had a solid punch and definition. I think the cables deliver more current to the speakers than what my previous cables did.

I went with 8 foot cables and returned the demo cables to Paul. I have Clear Day's jumpers between the woofer and tweeter terminals. Paul had sent a 2 strand jumpers. But when I purchased my pair, I insisted on 4, at a higher cost. But as Paul had said, it did not make a difference in the sound as compared to the 2 strand jumpers. So I should have listened to Paul and could have saved $40; but you learn from experience. I did the burn-in on my cables for 30+ hours on top of the 20+ hours that Paul did. I am simply impressed by these cables, every time I listen to them.
I then requested Paul to send me some demo XLRs. He did not have any and sent me a new pair of XLR cables. He said that if those did not work, then I could send the cables back. These come with Puresonic connectors, that are jewel like. Paul does not make the Hologram ICs anymore since the Xhadow connectors cost a lot more. But the ICs are pretty thick compared to the speaker cables. This cable did not increase the sound stage. But it clearly improved the "truth of timber" a bit more over what the speaker cables did. This was apparent when I listened to John Denver's "Sweet Misery" which is an older recording. Guitar strings now have a natural "hang" or resonance that was missing with the older cables. It sounded like a real guitar, rather than an image of a guitar. I changed back to Signals to make sure that this was again not placebo. I then got my wife to listen to some of the CDs and she had no difficulties in judging that the Clear Days were much better. Of course, we had a difference of opinion when I told her the total outlay on the speaker and XLR cables. But for me, the money was totally worth the upgrade in the sound quality.
I suggest that anyone looking to upgrade either their speaker cables or ICs, you should contact Paul at Clear Day and seek for a demo pair of cables. The max you stand to loose is $6.45 in return shipping after enjoying the cables for 30 days. People have compared these cables to some expensive cables and felt that the Clear Days were better. I have not tried any expensive cables, and so cannot comment on that part. All I can say is I am happy and smiling, each time I listen to my music.
Sorry for this long post, but I wanted to share my sincere opinion and experience. BTW, I have no financial interest in Clear Day; neither am I related to Paul.
I tried the Shotguns on loan after reading the rave reviews. I ran them in for a week. There were aspects of the sound that were promising such as a semblance of airy transparency. However the music wasn't flowing for me in my turntable/tube setup. There was something missing as if the frequency response was rolled off and disjointed. Switching back to my old cables was a relief. I tried them in my solid state digital rig where they were happier but ultimately returned them. The owner Paul was very nice during the process and I wanted to keep them but they just didn't gel for me.
I was wondering what your old cables were. I saw your system and found that you replaced your old cables with Partsconnections cables. How did the new cables compare with the Clear Day? I agree that not all cables gel in all system. It is so much system dependent.
Milpai, my old cables were 14 gauge mains solid core paralleled with a pair from CAT6. They were smooth and musical with good snap and air. The Clear Day were not as good for me. The new UPOCC are very good.

I am now listening to the recently acquired Shotgun Clearday cables with my Cary SLI-80 integrated. The Cary definitely benefits from these!
How does Avanti Audio Allegro speaker cable compare to Clear Day double shotgun? They are about the same price. Thanks.
I have purchased 2 sets of clear day double shotgun speaker cables, as well as about 6 pairs of RCA interconnects from Paul. A buddy of mine brought his speaker cables over one day to demo and it blew away my name brand, very expensive cable in dynamics, soundstage, presence, and detail. The highs are extremely clear and differentiated, the mids are lush and detailed, if that is possible. The bass is crisp, full and dynamic. This is a very serious find for me. I listen to low power SET amps with very sensitive speakers and I have ended my search for cables both speaker cables and interconnects. Paul is very accommodating and communicates extremely well. This is a no brainer as he provides a money back guarantee. Save you money with these modestly priced cables and spend it on equipment, because your search for ultra expensive, high end cables is over, and you will have saved thousands of dollars. Don't believe, try it for yourself.
My RCA pair is coming in next week. Paul's cables are awesome. Hope the RCAs work in my system.
Tropicaldiver is on point with how good the Clear Day speaker cables are. I fought with another manufacturer's heavy... very expensive... and very good speaker cables until one day I just gave up the fight and bought a pair of Paul's Double Shotguns.

The pleasure of connecting the Clear Day's to the terminals without having to string up the heavy cables to keep them in place was only overshadowed by the realization of how good the Clear Day's were in comparison to cables that cost 6 times what the Clear Day Double Shotguns cost.

That good, huh. As good as expensive silver cables like Neotech and Siltech?