Help - Need recommendation for my Sonus Faber Sonetto V!!

Currently my home Theater system consist of the following and want to spend time streaming music .. but need some direction!!

  • Sonus Faber Sonetto V
  • Sonus Faber C2 Center
  • Sonus Faber in wall speakers - 562
  • Sonus Faber in ceiling speakers - 562
  • ATI 4005 amp
  • Marantz AV 7706 processor


If I want to stream music would you concentrate on a streamer/DAC or 2 channel integrated amp with by pass?

Thinking about Boulder 866 or Luxman 509X - would that be an over kill for my entry level system? Help me with some direction since I'm new at this - Thanks.



I have been reading about the HiFi Rose  streamer/dac.  I think you can work it into your HT system to use the same amp if your processor has pre amp level outputs.  Might check it out.  

I used to own the Boulder 866 and just acquired the Luxman 509X.  They are both stunning!  One is not clearly superior over the other and it comes down to preference and synergy.  Luxman has a cleaner, more precise sound, lively, and pretty juicy.  Boulder is a bit softer, smoother, but very authoritative and still very detailed, and I think has a slightly deeper soundstage.  The price difference is about $4-5k used or new, but the Boulder has a really great streaming DAC built-in, which is probably in that price range if not slightly above in terms of performance.  The question is: Does the complete package match your taste?  With the Luxman you can explore the many options out there for external streamer/DAC, but then you have added cost of cables as well.

One downside to the Boulder is that there is no IR remote, only RF.

Are they overkill?  Maybe, but I have no doubt will sound great and either amp will extract the best from your speakers, which you can upgrade later.

eugene81 - Thanks for the information regarding the Boulder 866 and the Luxman 509X. What made you decide to go from the Boulder to the Luxman? I inquired if this would be an over kill and you stated "maybe". Any other options you would search out? Thanks again for the information.