Help needed to find SME armboard for Technics

hello, i would like to source a SME armboard for use with a technics 1200 (may use an infinity or sme arm with it). does anyone know where i can get one (besides ebay, as they come up infrequently) or someone that can make one for me? thanks for the help, cheers
Buy the DJ arm board from Origin live. The bottom and top pieces bolt together with two bolts. Unbolt the bottom piece and take it and the mounting diagram for the SME arm to a machine shop. They will make a new bottom piece for you. Bolt the new bottom piece onto the top piece and you are ready to go. Note that the center hole cut into the Origin Live base is for a 222m (Rega/OL) arm. If your SME arm is longer than that you may not be able to mount it as the OL arm holes for 222mm are pretty close to the edge. The Technics arm has a spindle to pivot distance of only 215mm.

Careful! The 1200's stock tonearm is WAY better than one might be lead to believe.

What are you planning to use?